Bob Iger Says Disney Is Proud Of Captain Marvel

The Kree have the Supreme Intelligence and The Walt Disney Company has Bob Iger. He is the CEO and Chairman of the Mouse House’s constantly expanding entertainment empire. His approval means a lot, and just like the Supreme Intelligence, you don’t want to let him down. Fortunately, Carol Danvers did not disappoint and Bob Iger took to social media to say how proud he and Disney are of Captain Marvel. Take a look:

As savvy as they come, Bob Iger, who is held accountable by shareholders for Disney’s financial success, congratulated Captain Marvel not on its box office performance, but on how it was received by audiences. In his tweet, he said how proud he and the other Disney bigwigs are of the film while citing Captain Marvel’s “A” CinemaScore, which indicates that opening night audiences really liked the latest Marvel film and the newest superhero in the MCU.

While the film business is just that, a business, and financial matters will always take precedence, Bob Iger obviously still prefers audiences to enjoy Disney’s films and it is gratifying when a film that you believe in is so well received by general audiences. Not everyone loves the film and some actively want it to fail, but that has done nothing to diminish its success.

Of course, the audience spoke with more than their answers to CinemaScore ballots, they also spoke with their wallets, justifying Disney’s pride in the film with dollars and cents. Captain Marvel broke records in its opening weekend and has already cleared $500 million worldwide at the box office in less than a week in release. So critically, commercially and in terms of audience reception, there is a lot for Disney to be proud of with Captain Marvel.

Disney is not one to rest on its laurels though, and as Bob Iger says, now it’s on to Avengers. That constantly moving forward mentality bore out this morning when the third trailer for Avengers: Endgame was released and wouldn’t you know it, with the assumption that many people have already seen Captain Marvel, this trailer had the character appear at the end and share a cute moment with probably the only other Avenger who is on her level power-wise: Thor.

Something tells me Disney will have plenty to be proud of with that film as well, and really 2019 as a whole. This is a huge year for the company and it is having a huge month of March. On top of Captain Marvel being a hit with audiences and adding a hefty and growing sum to the company’s coffers, on March 20 Disney will complete its purchase of 21st Century Fox.

Captain Marvel is now playing. Check out what we thought of the movie and see where we rank it in the MCU canon of films and take a look at our 2019 release schedule to keep track of all the big movies still to come this year.

Nick Evans

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