6 Questions We Have After Watching Shazam!

Shazam! is officially out, and while those who have seen it now know a whole lot about DC's latest superhero adventure, they may have some questions after the film. That's understandable given there are quite a few crazy things that happen throughout the flick, many of which could be addressed in a sequel or another DC film down the line. In no particular order, here are some of the thoughts I had after the credits rolled that have stuck with me as the days have passed. Take a look.

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Can The Rest Of The Kids Change On Command?

Billy can switch between his normal and champion self simply by saying "shazam," but is that the case with his foster siblings? We see the rest of the Shazam Family go hero mode in the final scenes of the film, but the circumstances of how their powers work are a bit confusing. Can they change on command like Billy, or do their powers rely on using the staff?

It's a question the movie didn't really get a chance to answer, but one I'd like to know more about. The comics have allowed the kids to change by saying "shazam" as well, but audiences only saw the children change when holding the staff with Billy. It would be nice to have some clarity on how this whole thing works in a future movie and whether or not it is similar to the comics.

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Are The Powers Of The Shazam Family The Same?

As I alluded to in the previous question, the Shazam Family is similar to the characters shown in the comics, although I'm not entirely sure if the characters will be portrayed quite like their comic book counterparts. For example, Darla has the enhanced super speed like in the comics, and it seemed remarkably clear she was a good deal faster than the rest of the siblings.

Then there's Pedro who was strong enough to stop a ferris wheel, and is supposed to be the strongest of the Shazam Family. No offense to Pedro, but that didn't seem like something Billy couldn't do, especially when Shazam is typically portrayed to have a level of strength akin to Superman. Also, Eugene is supposed to have the power to control technology, although seemed to just be a lightning expert. Hopefully another movie makes their skill-sets a bit clearer.

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Is Shazam! Connected To The Justice League?

Shazam's final scene before the credits has a pretty spectacular cameo, but does the Man of Steel's brief appearance confirm Billy will get an adventure with another Justice League hero in the future? It's hard to say, as we're all well aware DC isn't too keen on a shared universe for its hero films right now. Also, Henry Cavill didn't even actually appear for the cameo, lending credence to those Henry Cavill rumors.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to see Billy team up with another DC hero, although the introduction of the Shazam Family really makes this a franchise that can do ensemble films more organically on its own. Plus, I can't imagine DC would want to lug the whole family around for adventures, so any appearance by Billy would have to justify or possibly explain where the rest of the family is. That doesn't seem ideal.

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What's Next For Doctor Sivana?

Shazam!'s villain Doctor Sivana started off strong, but was stripped of the demons within him and a bulk of the powers that made him a viable threat to Billy. The post-credits scene showed it's likely not the last we've seen of the villain, and that he'll likely team up with Mr. Mind for more evil plots. That's all well and good, but what use is Sivana without the power of the demons?

That's for a future film to answer, although we know that Sivana is still a highly intelligent individual even without powers. He also knows some of the mysterious spell language, which in the comics, keeps him from ever being held in any prison for too long. The character will probably see his freedom, but after that what other use does Mr. Mind have for Dr. Sivana? Will he reclaim the Eye of Sin and go for Round 2 against Billy?

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Will Billy's Father Appear?

In one of Shazam's saddest scenes, Billy's mother makes it known in so many words that her prolonged absence in his life was intentional. We also learned that Billy's father is alive and in prison, although he never expressed a desire to be a father. Was that a way of saying he'd never appear, or was the mention the start of what could be a wildly different take on William Batson?

It's impossible to say, of course, although it is worth mentioning that Billy's family dynamic was one of the biggest changes in Shazam! Seeing William Batson come back into Billy's life would create some interesting tension, and another way to showcase Billy's difficult feelings in processing all of that. Or, the film could introduce William as a villain which, again, is great fodder for a wild story arc that could have a huge emotional pay off.

Black Adam Shazam!

When Will Black Adam Appear?

Shazam! has a brief mention of Black Adam, which more or less sets the stage for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's anti-hero to appear down the stretch. Now the question is, will we ever see Black Adam appear as a foe to Billy Batson? The fact that he wasn't featured in either post-credit scene doesn't seem like there are immediate plans to use him, despite him originally being in the mix to appear.

With that said, Dwayne Johnson has revived many fans' hopes for a standalone film with an announcement on Instagram that filming on Black Adam's solo film could start as early as next year. That probably means a film that features both characters won't come until after that, although that's not always the case. Still, if DC does still intend to make Black Adam, it might be best to tell his story there before bringing him into the Shazam! franchise proper.

Shazam! is currently in theaters, and CinemaBlend is the place to be for any viewer who wants all the answers and analysis following the superhero film. For more content like that, be sure to check out how the film did at the box office during its opening weekend. (Spoiler alert: It did well.)

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