What's The Best Way To Make Solo 2 Happen?

Solo: A Star Wars Story Han and Qi'ra hover over the cast, blasters in hand

By the standards of Star Wars films, as well as most Disney releases of recent years, Solo: A Star Wars Story was a flop. Though it made a lot of money, it allegedly wasn't enough to recoup budget costs. Chalk it up to disgruntled fans, a late start in advertising, or a potential case of fatigue in celebrating all things Star Wars; however it happened, the film didn’t perform up to the standards that the Lucasfilm brass would have liked it to, which led to some dominoes falling in that particular universe.

Yet, if you take a look at the chatter on the internet, the buzz supporting Solo: A Star Wars Story only seems to be growing louder. Much like director Ron Howard saying a sequel’s best chances will be in the fan response, we’re seeing that exact thing happening all over Twitter.

Seeing as the movie’s currently on Netflix’s streaming library, and will probably move to the Disney+ library once that platform is up and running, increased access may have given this film the boost it needed. Especially considering how one of the latest Twitter campaigns to be featured in the news involves the call to #MakeSolo2Happen.

It all leads to that big question that’s the elephant in the room, right next to that wookie that has a thing for winning money in Holochess matches: What’s the best way to make Solo 2 happen? Well, from where I’m sitting, I think the best way to make Solo 2 into a reality is pretty simple; the project should be a Disney+ film, helping to cement the Star Wars galaxy’s presence on the platform.

Solo: A Star Wars Story Beckett and Han talking in the snow

Disney+ Is The Perfect Platform For Experimental Projects

Seeing as there are enough people that want a sequel to Solo: A Star Wars Story, but there might not be enough people to make such a prospect a gigantic theatrical hit, having an original film on the Disney branded streaming platform feels like a perfect business opportunity. It just would need the right budget this time.

Much like Disney's Lady and The Tramp remake, the project is an unknown quantity based off of a known brand. So, splitting the difference and designating the project a streaming original would help manage the expectations of the film’s success while also giving it a space to exist in without too much at stake.

Solo: A Star Wars Story Lando smiling in the middle of a card game

Solo 2 Could Boost Disney+ Subscriptions By Its Mere Existence

While Solo 2 may not be a sure fire box office hit, you can bet that people would sign up for Disney+ subscriptions to watch a Solo sequel film. Those subscribers, once they’re through the door, will be more inclined to stay and enjoy all of the legacy catalog titles that will be included on the platform from day one.

Also, it would help to build the Disney+ library by having more recognizable original films, as the influx of Marvel and Star Wars series are already pretty well accounted for. With most of the original movies being remakes or new projects, original feature length content based off of one of Disney’s big ticket IP libraries would only further drive fans of Avengers: Endgame or Star Wars: The Last Jedi into the content rich arms of Disney+.

Solo: A Star Wars Story Han and Chewie piloting the Falcon excitedly

Disney+ Offers A More Cost Effective Path To Produce Solo 2

In that same vein, Solo 2 just might have to take a bit of a hit in the budgetary department, as its streaming exclusive status doesn’t exactly mean it needs the same $275 - $300 million budget that Solo: A Star Wars Story had. The positive side to the production of a sequel is that a lot of the same assets used in both the Star Wars movies and any upcoming prequel series could very easily be tied into the production resources for Solo 2.

Planets and characters created for Solo 2 could be used for either of those other corners of the storytelling universe, and vice versa, which builds the Star Wars universe in a more cost effective manner. So pleasing the fans with a sequel wouldn’t be for nothing, as it would just mean more resources would be available for the Star Wars galaxy on the whole to flourish. Just don't expect another expensive train sequence.

Solo: A Star Wars Story Qi'ra and Han talk over a drink

Solo 2 Could Tie Up Some Loose Ends, And Provide Material For More Disney+ Originals

Perhaps the greatest reason that Solo: A Star Wars Story should get a sequel is that, much like the budgetary reason we just addressed, the story that was originated in last summer’s would-be blockbuster has already opened some doors for future Star Wars projects to connect to. The saga of Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, and Qi’ra’s intertwined fates would help flesh out the criminal underworld that we’ve always heard about, but barely seen in the Star Wars universe.

With Solo 2 in place, the characters that are created and enhanced through the film’s events would be ripe for the picking, ready for any Disney+ series or film to use their stories to enhance their own. Not to mention, should Solo 2 actually be accounted for as a hit in the Disney+ space, there’s always the potential to give our favorite smugglers their own limited series to tie up their stories properly, and set up their continuities properly to fit in with both the classic and modern Star Wars movies.

Solo: A Star Wars Story Chewie, Beckett, Qi'ra, and Han stare up at the Maw as they pilot through it

Disney+ Allows The Company To Better Tune Into Its Fans

As Netflix takes the internet by storm with some of the most viral hits like The Perfection, Disney+ could become a part of the same sort of social media frenzy with a film like Solo 2. Should it succeed, Disney would have a new strategy of success for films that occupy that grey area between theatrical and streaming glory.

Should fans start a new hashtag that, hypothetically, pushed enough support for a Hocus Pocus sequel rather than a remake, Disney+ could always pivot to that point better and faster than if that petition was lobbied towards Disney’s big screen component. So if Disney+ is able to take on Solo: A Star Wars Story’s sequel, then there’s no telling what could other, fan-pleasing possibilities could be next.

Despite my excellent idea, It's still not super likely that Solo 2 will happen, unless Disney somehow takes the fact that director Ron Howard approves of this prospect and seems up for more, and decides to make room on its slate for the continuing adventures of Han, Lando, Chewie, and Qi’ra. But it wouldn’t hurt to consider how the brand new streaming platform could be best leveraged when it comes to keeping the online hype surrounding a project strong.

Disney+ is still in that phase where Disney can do pretty much anything in the name of strengthening the library and public profile. So if there’s any chance that Solo 2 could become a real project in the making, this feels like the best and most calculated way to make it happen.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is currently streaming on Netflix, with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker debuting in theaters on December 20th. And if you’re hyped up about Disney+ after reading all of this discussion, you can read more about what we know pertaining to that platform, as well as all of the new material expected to debut on Disney+, when it comes online on December 11th.

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