Apparently Sophie Turner’s Dark Phoenix Performance Was So Emotional Because They Confiscated Her Vape

Sofie Turner as Jean Grey in Dark Phoenix

The following contains spoilers for Dark Phoenix**.**

Whether you're an actor in a serious Oscar nominated drama or a big budget superhero movie, the job takes dedication. You have to be able to make people believe that what they're seeing on the screen is real. Actors have all sorts of different processes for getting themselves into character and being in the right emotional state for a particular scene, but the thing that puts Sophie Turner on the edge of a breakdown might be unique to her.

The cast of Dark Phoenix recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live where Jennifer Lawrence revealed that the reason Sophie Turner was able to be so convincingly emotional during one key scene was that her e-cigarette had been taken away moments before cameras started rolling. According to Lawrence...

I teared up a little bit watching Sophie in that scene. Her reaction to my death was so raw... It was so honest and real and it's because she really was crying… because her dialect coach, right before the take, took her Juul away. She started genuinely tearing up. It was like, the performance of the year.

While the Dark Phoenix marketing has specifically focused on the death of Raven, the fact that Jennifer Lawrence's character dies also hasn't been kept too hidden. Immediately following the moment in the film we get an emotional moment between a dying Raven and Jean Grey.

Turner laughed at the idea that she was crying because her vape was gone, though she stopped short of denying it. She also said that the opposite motivation works equally well. If you need her character to be happy, just let her have her vape back.

The fact that we already know this scene is in the movie is somewhat surprising considering one would think it would be the sort of reveal Dark Phoenix would want to keep secret. On the one hand, we might have seen thus coming anyway because it's a well known fact that Jennifer Lawrence was pretty much done with the X-Men franchise. At the same time, this is the last movie anyway, so the idea that Mystique might survive the movie isn't impossible.

You can check out the Dark Phoenix casts' full comments from Jimmy Kimmel Live in the clip below.

As emotional as the movie's big death scene may have been for the actors involved, it's not shedding nearly as many tears among critics. The reviews for Dark Phoenix have been overwhelmingly negative, with some holding that the new film is a low point for the franchise.

Audiences will have a chance to make their own decision when Dark Phoenix hits theaters this weekend.

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