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Sebastian Stan Pokes Fun At Gwyneth Paltrow For Not Remembering They’ve Met… Twice

Sebastian Stan as Bucky Winter Solider in Captain America: winter Solider
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Over the last month, Gwyneth Paltrow has established herself as just about the most forgetful member of the MCU family. Remember that time when she had to ask Chris Pratt who Sebastian Stan was? It was during the Infinity War premiere that recently surfaced and when Pratt tells her she responds with a telling “oh ok.” Well, it hurts Gwen, and the Winter Soldier just threw a bit toward her over the whole thing. Check it out:

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HA! Right back at ya! While it’s understandable that Paltrow would only have a passing knowledge of Stan considering their characters don’t share many (if any) interactions with one another in their Marvel films, Stan’s recent Instagram post shows they posed for a picture in close vicinity! How can she forget him now?

The actor took the opportunity to poke fun at the whole situation, commenting on the fact that he had to introduce himself to her for the third time, even though they are both in Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame together. Stan shouldn’t feel alone in being forgotten, Tom Holland recently opened up about the same thing happening to him multiple times, as well.

Poor Spidey said it “breaks my heart” that she doesn’t remember working with him on Spider-Man: Homecoming. He even pointed to one of her Instagram posts in which she refers to him as “that other guy” too!

During Jon Favreau’s new Netflix cooking series, The Chef Show, he referred to the time they were on the Spider-Man set together and she genuinely looked like she didn’t know she was in the movie as she exclaimed: “That was Spider-Man? Oh my god!!” as Favreau jogged her memory.

Is Marvel Studios testing some sort of memory neuralyzer on her that they plan to use on Tom Holland as well? The actress has been known to give away MCU spoilers recently. She revealed that Tony and Pepper get married and have a kid months before the release of Endgame and slipped up referencing the funeral on the lake with the entire cast while at the red carpet for the latest Avengers installment.

While the actress had a key role in the Iron Man trilogy, she hasn’t had a massive part to play in the MCU since. She does show up at the very end of Homecoming, in a brief scene with Robert Downey Jr. in Infinity War and in scenes primarily with RDJ in Endgame as well, though she does also take part in the big final fight and funeral scene with just about everyone else in attendance.

Don’t sweat over it, Sebastian Stan! Even if Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t see you, your fans do and are excited to see you in your upcoming Disney+ series with Anthony Mackie, called Falcon and Winter Soldier and coming in 2020.

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