Jason Momoa Says The Snyder Cut Of Justice League Is ‘Sick’

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The DC live-action universe seems to be on a roll lately, with Shazam! and Aquaman becoming critical and box office successes. But it was a bumpy road, as the early stages of the DCEU didn't fare quite as well. Justice League was a particular disappointment, and the fans have been campaigning for the Snyder Cut since the movie was released back in 2017. Now it appears that Aquaman actor Jason Momoa has seen that version of the film.

Jason Momoa got his big Aquaman debut in Justice League, following a brief cameo in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. He's made the character far more badass and serious than we'd seen before, and Momoa credits Zack Snyder for casting him, helping his career grow in the process. The two recently reunited, and it seems the Game of Thrones alum got to see a the Snyder Cut. What's more, he says its "ssssiiicccckkkkkk"

This update comes courtesy of Jason Momoa's personal Instagram page, where he posted a video with Zack Snyder, thanking the director for casting him as Arthur Curry/Aquaman. The two don't discuss the Snyder Cut of Justice League in the clip, but Momoa's caption mentions how "sick" that version of the blockbuster is.

Just if/when we might see the Snyder Cut is a mystery, as there hasn't been any concrete updates from Zack Snyder or Warner Bros. That original version of the movie is unfinished, so it would likely require some money in order to complete visual affects. But considering how poorly the theatrical cut did at the box office, it seems unlikely that the studio would shell out cash to finish Snyder's version.

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Still, the conversation about the Snyder Cut hasn't slowed down over the years, so perhaps the unfinished version will become available one day. The fans have certainly made their intentions known, even crowdfunding in order to campaign for the Snyder Cut at Comic-Con. Justice League had a ton of potential, making its poor performance all the more painful.

You can check out Jason Momoa's video with Zack Snyder below.

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The man makes a point. While Jason Momoa became a household name playing Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones, his casting as Aquaman really elevated the 40 year-old actor's star power. His DC franchise will continue with Aquaman 2, as well a horror-centric spinoff The Trench. While we might never se the Justice League reassembled, his signature hero isn't going anywhere.

Aquaman 2 is set to hit theaters in 2022, so there will be some time before we see the underwater hero back on the big screen. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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