Brie Larson Had The Perfect Response To Those Star Wars Rumors

Captain Marvel looking ready for a fight

We recently found out that Marvel Studios CEO and architect of the MCU Kevin Feige is working on a new Star Wars movie. When this massive news broke, the initial report said that Kevin Feige had talked with a major actor about a specific role he would like that person to play in his first Star Wars movie. Who that person is is a mystery, but one of the names that has been bandied about is actress Brie Larson, the MCU’s Captain Marvel. Brie Larson had the perfect response to those Star Wars rumors. Take a look:

Way to play it cool, Brie. The Oscar winner has clearly heard about Kevin Feige’s first foray to a galaxy far, far away and has surely heard all the chatter that she is the “major actor” he has in mind for a role in that film. Whether the rumors are true and whether she has already spoken to Kevin Feige or not, Brie Larson is making her feelings on the matter known in this perfect response.

Someone did say ‘Star Wars’ and as seen in the photo on her Twitter account, when Brie Larson hears Star Wars, she shows up ready to go. Brie Larson is letting everyone know that she’s not new to this, she’s true to this, standing with C-3PO while rocking Jedi robes and wielding a blue lightsaber. It’s as clear a statement as any that even if the rumors aren’t true, she wants them to be and she wants to be in a Star Wars movie.

This isn’t the first time the actress’s Star Wars fandom has been on display. While filming Captain Marvel, Samuel L. Jackson, who played Mace Windu in the Prequel Trilogy, brought his lightsaber to set and she was apparently in tears and said how badly she wants to be a Jedi. Brie Larson was also geeking out when she attended the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland.

There are no guarantees that the major actor Kevin Feige has in mind for his Star Wars movie is an MCU vet, but it stands to reason and it certainly seems possible that Brie Larson has already spoken to Kevin Feige about the part.

Even if not, with her bona fide Star Wars fandom, existing working relationship with Kevin Feige and Disney as well as that statue on her shelf, Brie Larson would seem well positioned to become a Jedi. It’s not like there is any shortage of Star Wars movies and projects on the way. Maybe Captain Marvel will team up with Captain America Chris Evans, who is also vying to pick up a lightsaber.

What’s interesting about that initial report is that it said that Kevin Feige has a specific role in mind for that major actor he’s talked to. That would seem to imply that he already has a basic idea of what story he wants to tell with his first, and possibly not last, Star Wars film. The question is whether that role is an entirely new character or if it is a character that already exists in canon, or in legends for that matter.

Before Kevin Feige gets his Star Wars movie, the Skywalker Saga comes to an end in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, in theaters on December 20. Check out our 2019 Release Schedule to keep track of all this fall’s biggest movies.

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