Good News, Tessa Thompson Thinks Creed 3 Will Happen

Creed II Rocky, Adonis, and Bianca walk into the ring

Before 2015’s Creed even hit theaters, whispers were going around that MGM loved the film so much that they made two sequels a priority for their box office future. Now, after the one-two punch of that film and its 2018 sequel, Creed II, there is still a fair amount of optimism that the third entry in Adonis and Bianca’s story of love and glory will happen in due time. And no one seems more convinced than the woman who brought the latter half of that pair to life, Tessa Thompson.

During an appearance at a ACE Comic Con Marvel panel, alongside Captain Marvel herself Brie Larson, Thompson was asked if she or her fellow MCU compatriot would contribute music to the Marvel film canon. She answered that question by taking a left turn and discussing her movies in the Rocky franchise, saying

I feel so lucky that doing the Creed movies, I get to write that music and perform that music. And I think we’re going to make a Creed 3 eventually so I’ll make more music then and maybe [Brie Larson and I] do a duet.

Right about now, Marvel fans are probably melting down with happiness at the idea that Tessa Thompson and Brie Larson could work together on a fire anthem that’d bring Creed III fans into the same corner as those who stan for a Valkyrie/Carol Danvers collaboration. On top of that blessed scenario, the fact that Thompson is of the mind that Creed III will happen, per her remarks reported by obtained via, is pretty exciting as well!

With Creed II seeing Michael B. Jordan’s Adonis and Thompson’s Bianca now raising a daughter on the heels of a hard fought victory in the ring against Ivan Drago’s son, Viktor, there was a lot of room to question just how Adonis could possibly get back into the ring. Perhaps even more importantly, though, is the question is whether or not Bianca would even let Adonis do it, as Tessa Thompson’s character was rightfully worried about Jordan’s titular fighter ever boxing again after getting creamed by Viktor Drago in hero and antagonist's first match up.

A lot of questions are left to be answered when it comes to what sort of circumstances could make Creed III a reality. At the very least, one of those questions is answered pretty readily, as Tessa Thompson feels pretty game to bring Bianca back to the big screen, and with a song in her heart.

Creed III may not be happening any time in the near future, as it's not a project that currently has a director or a script, but you can hear Tessa Thompson as the voice of a new generation’s Lady in Disney’s Lady and The Tramp, which will premiere on Disney+’s platform on November 12th.

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