Dwayne Johnson Reveals His Weight, Why He Works Out Before Filming

Dwayne Johnson flexing in Jumanji 2019

Dwayne Johnson is a great social media follow. If you aren’t doing it already, just jump on the bandwagon if you want to hear more about what a life dedicated to living well and working hard looks like. Or, you know, if you are just interested in The Rock’s weight these days.

This week, the actor spoke out about getting his work week started as an entrepreneur, actor and even producer, noting that he often starts his day in the gym. By “starts his day in the gym” I mean he gets in there, works out, and makes sure he is hydrated before the crack of dawn. Before he does all that, he weighs himself to make sure he’s staying in tip-top shape.

The scale lists him at 270 pounds, well 270.40 pounds to be exact. That’s about 10 pounds heavier than his previous billed career weight put him at, so if Dwayne Johnson’s weight has been a topic of interest for you, you can see for yourself how much The Rock weighs with the video below.

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Those shoes look pretty lightweight, but the conspiracy theorist in me wonders if he kept them on just so he could push over that 270 mark. When you are 6’ 5” and ripped the goal is likely to seem as bulky as possible.

Meanwhile, my ass is 100% asking to take off my shoes at the doctor’s office before I step on a scale in the hopes that I can knock off an errant pound or two, but I digress.

The actor also shared a bit of information about how he stays motivated to get so much done in a given day -- and I'm not just talking about him working on his pecs. He also juggles time at the gym with family time and myriad duties in Hollywood. His advice this week: "I do anything like I do everything -- with all I got."

His tenacity and dedication pretty much shows in everything in his life, including fitness. Dwayne Johnson is a fit dude for his height. In comparison, Guardians of the Galaxy's Dave Bautista has been billed as weighing 290 pounds during his WWE career. Other wrestler-turned-actor John Cena has been billed as weighing 250 pounds. Bautista is around 6'3" and Cena is 6'0" even.

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The Rock is currently heading into Jumanji: The Next Level marketing mode ahead of the release of the sequel. We know he joined Kevin Hart for his first big outing back to work a few days ago, an event that also included Danny DeVito and Danny Glover. Plus, the press stuff for that movie will likely start happening in earnest in the coming weeks.

In 2020, Dwayne Johnson also has Disney's Jungle Cruise movie (based on the famous ride) and Red Notice coming up (plus a slew of other announced and rumored movies that aren't off the ground yet), so he's going to continue to be pretty busy. Let's just hope that he manages to keep working in those early morning gym routines. Gotta keep that weight up.

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