Netflix New Releases: Movies And TV Shows Streaming In November 2019

The Irishman Robert DeNiro sits in a job interview

Yet another reminder that November is in the air has arrived, as Netflix's streaming lineup for the month before Christmas has just landed on our collective doorstep. There's some pretty big originals, and surprising old favorites, heading to the library in the next month and if you're looking for a full rundown of what's headed our way, you're in the right place.

Before we get started, if you want to see October 2019's full line-up, as well as the notable titles that have arrived in the worlds of film and TV, those respective articles can be found at the links provided. That having been said, the future awaits, and November 2019's newcomers are listed in full below, starting with all of the new titles you'll be able to access on the first day of the month.

American Son Kerry Washington and Steven Pasquale wait for news in the police station

Available November 1


Atypical: Season 3 - NETFLIX ORIGINAL





Holiday in the Wild - NETFLIX FILM


The Man Without Gravity - NETFLIX FILM

Queer Eye: We're in Japan! - NETFLIX ORIGINAL

True: Grabbleapple Harvest - NETFLIX FAMILY


Apache Warrior

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures: Go Team Roberts: Season 1

Billy on the Street

Christmas Break-In

Christmas in the Heartlands

Christmas Survival

Elliot the Littlest Reindeer

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas


Holly Star

How to Be a Latin Lover

Love Jones

Mars: Season 2

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans: Seasons 1-2

Paid in Full

Rosemary's Baby


Santa Girl

Sling Blade

Spitfire: The Plane that Saved the World

Step Brothers

The Christmas Candle

The Deep: Season 3

The Game

The Matrix

The Matrix Reloaded

The Matrix Revolutions

Up North

Wild Child


Let It Snow Jacob Batalon dances in the middle of a cheering crowd

Week of November 3

A Holiday Engagement - 11/4/19

Christmas Crush - 11/4/19

Dear Santa - 11/4/19

The Devil Next Door - NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY - 11/4/19

District 9 - 11/4/19

The End of the F*ing World: Season 2 - NETFLIX ORIGINAL - 11/5/19

Seth Meyers: Lobby Baby - NETFLIX ORIGINAL - 11/5/19

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power: Season 4 - NETFLIX FAMILY - 11/5/19

Tune in for Love - NETFLIX FILM - 11/5/19

Undercover Brother 2 - 11/5/19

Burning Cane - 11/6/19


Shadow - 11/6/19

The Body Remembers When the World Broke Open - 11/7/19

Busted!: Season 2 - NETFLIX ORIGINAL - 11/8/19

The Great British Baking Show: Holidays: Season 2 - NETFLIX ORIGINAL - 11/8/19

Greatest Events of WWII in HD Colour - NETFLIX ORIGINAL - 11/8/19

Green Eggs and Ham - NETFLIX ORIGINAL - 11/8/19

Let It Snow - NETFLIX FILM - 11/8/19

Paradise Beach - NETFLIX FILM - 11/8/19

Wild District: Season 2 - NETFLIX ORIGINAL - 11/8/19

Little Things: Season 3 - NETFLIX ORIGINAL - 11/9/19

Earthquake Bird Alicia Vikander being interrogated

Week of November 10

Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj: Volume 5 - NETFLIX ORIGINAL - 11/10/19

A Single Man - 11/11/19

Chief of Staff: Season 2 - NETFLIX ORIGINAL - 11/11/19

Harvey Girls Forever!: Season 3 - NETFLIX FAMILY - 11/12/19

Jeff Garlin: Our Man In Chicago - NETFLIX ORIGINAL - 11/12/19

Maradona in Mexico - NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY - 11/13/19

The Stranded - NETFLIX ORIGINAL - 11/14/19

Avlu: Part 2 - NETFLIX ORIGINAL - 11/15/19

The Club - NETFLIX ORIGINAL - 11/15/19

Earthquake Bird - NETFLIX FILM - 11/15/19

GO!: The Unforgettable Party - NETFLIX FAMILY - 11/15/19

House Arrest - NETFLIX FILM - 11/15/19

I'm with the Band: Nasty Cherry - NETFLIX ORIGINAL - 11/15/19

Klaus - NETFLIX FILM - 11/15/19

Llama Llama: Season 2 - NETFLIX FAMILY - 11/15/19

The Toys That Made Us: Season 3 - NETFLIX ORIGINAL - 11/15/19

Suffragette - 11/16/19

The Crown Olivia Colman having tea and toast

Week of November 17

The Crown: Season 3 - NETFLIX ORIGINAL - 11/17/19

Iliza: Unveiled - NETFLIX ORIGINAL - 11/19/19

No hay tiempo para la verguenza - NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY - 11/19/19

Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator - NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY - 11/20/19

Dream/Killer - 11/20/19

Lorena, la de pies ligeros - NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY - 11/20/19

The Knight Before Christmas - NETFLIX FILM - 11/21/19

Mortel - NETFLIX ORIGINAL - 11/21/19

Dino Girl Gauko - NETFLIX FAMILY - 11/22/19

Dolly Parton's Heartstrings - NETFLIX ORIGINAL - 11/22/19

The Dragon Prince: Season 3 - NETFLIX FAMILY - 11/22/19

High Seas: Season 2 - NETFLIX ORIGINAL - 11/22/19

Meet the Adebanjos: Seasons 1-3 - 11/22/19

Mon frère - NETFLIX FILM - 11/22/19

Nailed It! Holiday!: Season 2 - NETFLIX ORIGINAL - 11/22/19

Narcoworld: Dope Stories - NETFLIX ORIGINAL - 11/22/19

Nobody's Looking - NETFLIX ORIGINAL - 11/22/19

Singapore Social - NETFLIX ORIGINAL - 11/22/19

Trolls: The Beat Goes On!: Season 8 - NETFLIX FAMILY - 11/22/19

End of Watch - 11/23/19

The Irishman Ray Romano, Al Pacino, and Robert DeNiro being escorted out of a courtroom

Week of November 24

Shot Caller - 11/24/19

Dirty John: Season 1 - 11/25/19

Mike Birbiglia: The New One - NETFLIX ORIGINAL - 11/26/19

Super Monsters Save Christmas - NETFLIX FAMILY - 11/26/19

True: Winter Wishes - NETFLIX FAMILY - 11/26/19

Broken - NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY - 11/27/19

The Irishman - NETFLIX FILM - 11/27/19

Holiday Rush - NETFLIX FILM - 11/28/19

John Crist: I Ain't Prayin For That - NETFLIX ORIGINAL - 11/28/19

Merry Happy Whatever - NETFLIX ORIGINAL - 11/28/19

Mytho - NETFLIX ORIGINAL - 11/28/19

Atlantics - NETFLIX FILM - 11/29/19

Chip and Potato: Season 2 - NETFLIX FAMILY - 11/29/19

I Lost My Body - NETFLIX FILM - 11/29/19

La Reina del Sur: Season 2 - 11/29/19

The Movies That Made Us - NETFLIX ORIGINAL - 11/29/19

Sugar Rush Christmas - NETFLIX ORIGINAL - 11/29/19

Levius fighters lined up for the challenge



The world of movies has been waiting for November to dawn on the Netflix front, as it means that director Martin Scorsese's much anticipated film The Irishman will be finally be heading to its' streaming home. After playing the festival circuit, and close to the end of its limited theatrical run, including its month-long run at New York's Belasco Theatre, this crime drama will be available for one and all to see. That's not to say Netflix is a totally hardened criminal element at this point in time, as the Christmas season is coming our way as well, and Netflix original films like the YA romantic-comedy Let It Snow will be on offer as well, and quite early if you can't wait for the holiday season to begin.

In the more repertory side of the house, those of you who can't get enough of The Wachowski's Matrix trilogy will have a chance to watch all three films on your streaming queue at the beginning of the month. With all of The Matrix 4 casting news that's broken lately, this is probably extremely useful to those of you who want to speculate where this new film is going. And finally, if you're looking for some high stakes thrills with Matt Damon and Motherless Brooklyn director Edward Norton, the poker drama Rounders is headed to the library around that same time. So make sure you have plenty of Oreos for Teddy KGB when you sit down to partake.

There's a lot of Netflix originals to look forward to in the world of TV as well, as The Crown finally returns for Season 3; the first of which will see The Favourite's Olivia Colman step into the role of Queen Elizabeth II, as well as Outlander's Tobias Menzies becoming her Prince Phillip. And if you thought Queer Eye was gone for the rest of 2019, you couldn't have been wronger, as Queer Eye: We're In Japan is here to bring us all even more uplifting makeovers.

Special events will also be part of this month's programming haul, as comedienne Iliza Shlesinger returns to Netflix with another original special, Iliza: Unveiled. Also, if you missed the highly acclaimed play American Son on Broadway, you'll be able to see the Netflix filmed adaptation in the month to come. Starring the original Broadway cast, including Scandal's Kerry Washington and Supergirl's Jeremy Jordan, the story of parents trying to find their missing boy in Florida is a timely and dramatic tale that digs deep into the modern human condition.

With all of those exciting options headed to Netflix's streaming library in November 2019, it's a good idea to keep in mind that those titles are indeed subject to change. So if you're looking forward to something special, you'll want to double check this guide, as well as your streaming queue, to make sure things are in the right place.

Other than that, we'll see you back here when December's full lineup is made available for all to know and love, so stream responsibly! And if you're looking for some seasonal thrills, be it the best of Halloween or some advanced Christmas fun, check out our guides for both season's original Netflix offerings!

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