Pornhub Joins The Streaming Wars With Its Own Big Subscription Deal

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Netflix sits atop its throne, Apple TV+ and Disney+ just launched, and HBO Max is on the way. The streaming wars have officially begun, but these are the early days and we have a long time to go before a true victor emerges. Plus, there may still be new contenders yet to enter the fray. To that end, Pornhub... yes, Pornhub, has joined the streaming wars with its own big subscription deal.

This week, Pornhub officially announced “LifePlan” (sadly, Peacock was taken by NBCUniversal’s upcoming service), a new lifetime membership to the adult entertainment website’s high-definition, on-demand subscription service, Pornhub Premium. For a one-time fee of $299, fans can purchase LifePlan and get access to Pornhub Premium, well, for life.

Pornhub Premium provides subscribers with 125,000 premium videos on top of the site’s standard library, In addition, Pornhub Premium, like YouTube Premium, gives you an ad-free experience. You know, for when you’re in a hurry. The subscription also gives you access to a host of content streaming in high resolution and cutting edge formats like 1080p, 4K and even virtual reality (Where you at, James Cameron?). And because that kind of quality uses a lot of data, Pornhub Premium also gives subscribers faster streaming speeds.

Those who purchase Pornhub’s LifePlan get all of that for the cost of $299, and it lasts forever! That might be the best value in streaming. Sure you won’t see The Mandalorian on there, but I’m sure there’s a Star Wars parody that is close enough. And you can check out former Disney Channel actress Bella Thorne’s award-winning new movie Her & Him on there.

LifePlan is a limited time offer though, so those interested in locking up their adult entertainment needs into their twilight years will have to act fast. The LifePlan for Pornhub Premium is a holiday promotion that will only be available starting on Black Friday, November 29, through Cyber Monday, December 2. So while everyone else is dressed in their pajamas fighting over a cheap TV this Black Friday, fans of Pornhub’s offerings can also be in their pajamas, getting a gift that will last a lifetime.

For those not ready to make a lifetime commitment to one adult site and are looking for something more short term, on Black Friday, Pornhub is also offering a deal on yearly Pornhub Premium memberships. For the standard yearly cost of $95.88, subscribers will get access to 16 months of Pornhub Premium, so it’s like getting four months free. This is the season of giving, so Pornhub is also discounting the videos on its Modelhub marketplace by 15%, while still paying the adult models the full cost of the videos.

Because this is Pornhub and cheekiness is its modus operandi, the company released a video on YouTube to promote LifePlan. Check it out below and don’t worry, it’s (shockingly) safe for work.

Hilarious. So is Pornhub now the dark horse contender to win the streaming wars? No, and truthfully it’s not a contender at all. But if this is your thing, $299 divided by how many years from now you plan on dying is a pretty great deal. It's your move, Netflix.

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