Apparently These Are Disney+'s Most Popular Titles This Week

Dory of Finding Nemo and Finding Dory Disney

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Since Disney+ only debuted in November 2019, we're still getting used to its way of releasing information. It's not as consistent as, say, Netflix when it comes to revealing the new titles it is adding or losing each month. However, maybe Disney's streaming service is going to be better about revealing what other users are watching?

Disney+ just sent an email noting "This week's trending titles." I hope Disney does this every week, because I had been looking for more recommendations for what to watch next. Sure, there's the list of what we know is coming in February 2020 (so far) but ... eh.

Streaming viewership data is notoriously opaque, so we basically have to take their words for what's doing well -- and read into cancellations as "that one wasn't doing well." With that in mind, here's what Disney+'s email listed for what's trending now and popular this week:

TRENDING NOWThe SimpsonsAladdinThe MandalorianPOPULAR TITLES THIS WEEKFrozenMickey Mouse ClubhouseStar Wars: The Clone WarsMoanaToy Story 3High School Musical: The Musical: The SeriesAvengers: EndgameJessieFinding Dory

I'm not surprised by most of those movie and TV titles. I do hope Disney+ continues on this note to show any changes week to week. I wouldn't be shocked if The Mandalorian stayed on the top list until Season 2 shows up. The Simpsons? The Simpsons is eternal, and the show trending is as inevitable as Thanos and Avengers: Endgame being popular this week (and probably every week since Disney+ debuted).

Frozen doing well makes sense, since Frozen 2 is still popular in theaters. Star Wars: The Clone Wars is good to see there, in connection with The Mandalorian but also since The Clone Wars' new Season 7 starts in February. Fans are catching up before the premiere. Also, Toy Story 4 is coming to Disney+ in early February, so it might make sense if fans are catching up on the previous movie before watching or re-watching the 2019 title.

As for the others on Disney+'s popular list, like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jessie, and High School Musical? It makes sense that shows for younger audiences would be just as popular as ones for a potential older fan base, like The Mandalorian. I love seeing Moana and Finding Dory on there, too. (But not Finding Nemo? Huh.)

I'm a little bit surprised to see 2019's Aladdin on the list but not The Lion King, since Disney+ made a pretty big deal out of The Lion King joining the service this week. Maybe it's too soon for those views to be tallied and The Lion King will be on next week's list, if there is one.

I'm also surprised to not see more -- or any -- Star Wars movies on the list Disney emailed out. After seeing The Rise of Skywalker, I went to Disney+ to re-watch The Phantom Menace to see if it's as bad as I remembered, and it was a hard yes.

I was just talking to my brother about how we're both just waiting for The Mandalorian Season 2 and (at least on my end) WandaVision to show up on Disney+. There are plenty of Disney+ shows we can stream as we wait for The Mandalorian Season 2 -- and newcomers can still get a free 7-day trial -- but I've been finding myself watching more shows on Netflix and Amazon in the meantime. I can't wait for WandaVision, but I will have to. It's coming in 2020, but most likely toward the end of the year.

Did you watch any of the movies or shows on Disney+'s list of popular titles this week? Do you plan to?

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