We're Finally About To Get Footage From 'F-ing Bonkers' WandaVision, Says Paul Bettany

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The MCU is finally expanding its TV roster with an exciting slate of Disney+ projects currently in differing stages of production and development. To say that fans are fervent is understating things, and the show earning arguably the most distinct form of anticipation is the team-up dramedy WandaVision. How the story will follow the events of Avengers: Endgame is a big part of its mystique, which has been building up in the near-absence of any official WandaVision imagery. Thankfully, Paul Bettany is hinting that void may be filled very, very soon.

Details about WandaVision are still being heavily guarded, so Paul Bettany wasn't able to get into any specifics about exactly what fans will be seeing. But he continues to tease just how wacky the six-episode series will be, with the mild assurance that visual confirmation is on the way. In his words:

I am such an admirer of Kevin Feige. He has taken such a risk with this show and the concept of the show. It's being beautifully written by Jac Schaeffer and her staff of writers, and it is fucking bonkers. It's so out there and nuts, the choices that they are making. And fans will not have to wait that much longer – they moved [the release date] up a little bit – but also, they'll get much more of an insight very, very soon as to what it might look and feel like. And I'm really proud of it, and we're having so much fun making it.

2020 kicked off with the excellent news that WandaVision will be making its Disney+ debut earlier than expected, with the release date shifting up from 2021 to 2020. A hard premiere date has yet to be announced, to be sure, but the move boosted the hopes that something big would be unveiled in the near-ish future. Paul Bettany seems to be supporting those hopes, though his wording leaves everything open to interpretation, which is par for the MCU interview course.

Getting "an insight into what it might look and feel like" could mean anything from a teaser trailer dropping during Jimmy Kimmel Live! to a Super Bowl commercial to a set of official episodic photos. Technically, it could mean Elizabeth Olsen sketching a scene out while playing Pictionary.

Obviously I'm not alone in hoping for a two-minute-long effects-filled trailer that clears up at least three separate questions about the plot and time setting(s), right. Alas, beggars can't be choosers when it comes to high-profile Marvel projects. Or any-profile Marvel projects, as seen by the mostly sheltered Marvel TV's crumbling efforts on Hulu.

Paul Bettany delivered that exciting tease to Kevin Smith for The IMDb Studio at this year's Sundance Film Festival, where he was promoting the world premiere of Alan Ball's new drama feature Uncle Frank, in which he plays the titular character. One can only imagine the kind of Marvel project that Alan Ball would get involved with...and that that entire cast of Six Feet Under would reunite for it in various roles. Perhaps I'll just pretend that already happened in one timeline or another.

Stay tuned for more on WandaVision's upcoming insights as its 2020 premiere on Disney+ gets closer. Anyone who hasn't yet signed up for the service can get a free seven-day trial by clicking this link. For more on what else is coming to Disney+ and other streaming services, cable networks and broadcast staples, hit up our Winter and Spring TV premiere schedule.

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