Pornhub Is Releasing Its First Non-Adult Film, And It’s Still Pretty Adult

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Documentaries are the new porn, at least over at noted porn site Pornhub. The company announced this week it will be expanding its offerings, starting with its first ever non-adult film. And by non-adult we mean it’s not straight porn. Not that it’s a cute animated film the whole family can enjoy or something.

In fact, the new project will be called Shakedown and will be a nonfiction story from the folks at Pornhub about LBGTQ individuals who worked in the black owned and operated strip club of the same name in Los Angeles. The documentary is coming from Leilah Weinraub, who has created feature films as well as been a part of the fashion industry in the past.

In fact Leilah Weinraub previously collaborated with Pornhub on a runway fashion project in which her Hood by Air line featured prominent Pornhub search terms in the fall of 2016.

Shakedown will look at the club’s history in the early 2000s and will be housed on a special page on dedicated to the new piece of non-adult content. Or maybe we should call it adult-ish content? There will even be a Q&A event around the time of release and the film will be available during the month of March. The documentary is based on footage Leilah Weinraub shot over the past 15 years or so.

Pornhub confirms the artsy documentary will star Ronnie-Ron, Mahogany, Egypt and Jazmyne. The flick will be available on Pornhub in March before expanding out to broadcast on Criterion Channel this summer.

Pornhub, while still primarily being a destination for porn, has branched out in recent months to try new things. For example, the company recently partnered with popular actress Bella Swan to bring an award-winning porn experience to users directed by the actress herself. The company has tried to capitalize off of celebrities quite a bit, as the creatives in the company also used the newly buff Kumail Nanjiani as the image for the "Muscular Men" category on site after the actor worked to get buff for his upcoming role in Marvel's Phase Four movie Eternals. In addition, Kanye West helped with the creative direction for the Pornhub Awards a couple of years ago.

A lot of these types of reach outs with Hollywood make sense, as people often search for Hollywood properties -- including animated characters -- when browsing around on site. In fact, it's not a huge shock Pornhub is hoping to branch out. The company previously offered to help HBO to produce its cancelled adult shows.

Now, Shakedown is making headlines for a different reason, but if people tune in and watch it could help to expand the brand and the types of content people consider using Pornhub to find. We’ll keep you posted if and when Pornhub delves some more into other types of these documentary adventures, but for now Shakedown will be available for your perusal all month.

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