Yes, Kanye West Was The Creative Director For The Pornhub Awards

Kanye West "I Like It" Music Video

Kanye West has made it no secret that he's a big admirer of porn. The rap artist has been busier (and more controversial) than ever these past few months, recording and producing a number of different albums which debuted this summer. And he's a family man too, as the father of three young children: North (5), Saint (2) and baby Chicago. As the musician explained on Jimmy Kimmel Live! a month earlier, however, that loaded schedule hasn't stopped him from browsing Pornhub. And that appreciation is evidently two-fold. Case-in-point, Kanye West was the creative director of last night's Pornhub Awards, and the musician was reportedly heavily involved. Here's what we know about Kanye West's involvement in the awards show last night, which was held at The Belasco Theater in Los Angeles.

As it was reported by TMZ, Kanye West and DONDA, his company, partnered with Willo Perron to manage the production and stage design of the awards show. The awards program, which was presented in VR live, was certainly made more memorable with West's involvement. And there's no denying that Kanye West has, shall we say, eccentric tastes. Sure enough, the artist left his imprint on the program. Furthermore, all the performers of the evening at the awards show were also decked out in Kanye West's signature fashion. And yes, the irony of Kanye West picking out the fashion at an awards show for porn shouldn't be lost.

In addition to his efforts behind-the-scenes at the awards program, Kanye West was also given the chance to premiere his new song/music video with Lil Pump and Adele Givens during last night's Pornhub Awards festivities. The song was "I Love It," an odd, sexily-charged anthem that found West and Pump strolling an animated hallway in over-sized body suits while a gigantic Givens loomed over them, often dismissively. It should be noted that the music video was directed by acclaimed filmmaker Spike Jonze (Being John Malkovich, Her, Adaptation), who has worked with Kanye West on a number of different occasions, from extended short films to popular music videos. You can check out the bizarre video below. Be warned: it's NSFW. Wear headphones, at the very least, while you're watching it.

Kanye West is never far from the news these days. Beyond his controversial remarks and his criticized endorsement of President Donald Trump, both of which have ultimately plagued his reputation, the musician has seen been hoping to earn back some good notices. Most recently, for instance, Kanye went back on Twitter (obviously) to try to make amends with Drake for his bad behavior earlier this year.

Kanye is gonna be Kanye. That much is for certain. If the artist is known for anything these days, it's his unpredictability. Sure enough, Kanye West taking over these duties for the Pornhub Awards is a move that's both unexpected and totally in-line with Kanye West's brand. Meanwhile, we'll keep you posted on Kanye West's other developments, news breaks and updates right here at CinemaBlend.

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