Uncut Gems Finally Has A Netflix Premiere Date

Uncut Gems Howie looking at his phone

So let’s say you haven’t seen Uncut Gems yet. Maybe things have been busy during your big quarantine, and you’ve been burning through your watch list faster than Sonic The Hedgehog sampling the entirety of a chili cook-off. Or maybe you’re just waiting for the film to hit Netflix. In either case, it happens to the best of us; but in the specific instance we’ve just invoked, you won’t have to wait too long for results. As it turns out, Uncut Gems will be headed to Netflix’s streaming library on May 25.

The announcement came today through an official statement courtesy of Netflix, which was then turned into some prime meme material. But are you ready for the real twist in the tale? As it turns out, Uncut Gems is actually, in its own special way, another Adam Sandler movie that’s part of his partnership with Netflix.

While his contract might not say so, the fact that the Safdie Bros’ latest weaponized anxiety attack was released internationally as a Netflix original makes a perfect case for the contrary. So just when you thought it was safe to proclaim the Sandman’s work with Netflix as one of those “career lows” that some have assumed he’s had, it looks like you’ve just lost another bet… with yourself.

As some Academy Awards voters have their own ideas why Uncut Gems didn’t net Adam Sandler the Oscar nomination he so richly deserved, the public will now be able to have a much wider say with this film out in the streaming wilds. Not to mention, even if you have seen the misadventures of Howard Ratner and his personal perils before, there are still plenty of unanswered questions and absolutely wild moments to go over in a re-watch.

It’s the perfect capper to the whirlwind of A24 history that Uncut Gems has been making ever since it first promised to make the world more anxious than when they watched Good Time for the first time. And even better, if you want one of the most tense double features in history, the Safdie Bros’ previous film is also available on Netflix’s streaming library.

Whether you’re a fan of Adam Sandler, the Safdie Bros or neo-noir filmmaking, Uncut Gems is going to be your ticket to some much needed excitement during these conflicted times. So all of those spoiler videos, ending explained pieces and social conversations you’ve been avoiding will finally be able to happen at your leisure. So long as it’s within the social distancing protocols that the world requires for us to flatten the curve.

Just remember: Howard Ratner would handle the COVID-19 pandemic differently than a sane person. Don’t be like Howie; wash your hands and socially distance yourself!

Uncut Gems is currently on Digital HD, as well as Blu-ray and DVD. But if you’re willing to wait until May 25, and you’re a Netflix subscriber in the U.S., then you’re already on the road to results.

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