Frozen II’s Olaf Is Getting An Unusual Spinoff With Josh Gad

Olaf in Frozen II

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As far as Disney animated blockbusters go, there are few quite as massively popular as the Frozen franchise. Anna and Elsa's first adventure in Arendelle became a pop culture sensation when the original movie arrived in 2013. The House of Mouse broke new ground by releasing a full theatrical sequel, which also made a ton of money at the box office. And it looks like we'll get more of Josh Gad's beloved talking snowman Olaf in a spinoff. Although, it's not a spinoff in the way you might think.

Frozen II might have been the first full sequel for the beloved musical blockbuster, but there's been plenty of supplemental content in the years between movie outings. Now Olaf will be returning to screens again, this time on a new series from Disney+. And just in time for folks staying at home to self isolate, it's appropriately titled At Home with Olaf. Check out the brief sneak peek below.

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In the name of all things Samantha, this is quite exciting. Shortly after Frozen II was released to stream on Disney+, the growing streaming service is putting out more content set within Arendelle. Because who doesn't need more of Josh Gad's adorable singing snowman?

Disney Animation's Twitter announcement is sure to excite the generations of Frozen fans out there. Olaf is the undisputed scene stealer of the animated franchise, helping to diffuse tense scenes as the main source of comedy. So he's the perfect character for a spinoff series on Disney+. The details about what At Home with Olaf will include remains a mystery, although actor Gad is set to reprise his role.

The timing seems ideal for families that are self-isolating in response to global health concerns. Frozen II's release on Disney+ resulted in a mixture of thrilled and unhappy parents, given how frequently it will likely be streaming in houses. Luckily now there's going to be more Frozen content to help mix it up thanks to At Home with Olaf.

Josh Gad responded to the news on his own social media, applauding the folks behind the scenes who are helping turn At Home with Olaf into a reality. Check it out below.

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Josh Gad is excited about Olaf's new content on Disney+, and so are we. Not much is known about the format, length, and contents for At Home with Olaf, but the many Frozen fans are no doubt thrilled about this unexpected content.

Funny enough fans campaigned on social media for Olaf to get a spinoff, albeit with a different concept behind it. Those moviegoers wanted to see the snow man recap famous Disney blockbusters, similar to how he did about Frozen's contents during the sequel. Josh Gad even voiced his approval, although it turns out that he was secretly working on At Home with Olaf the whole time.

At Home with Olaf will be available exclusively on Disney+. You can use this link to a free 7-day trial to the streaming service below. In the meantime, check out our 2020 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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