5 Classic Sonic Characters Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Needs To Introduce

I loved the Sonic movie! My kids loved the Sonic movie (for the most part)! Pretty much everybody loved the Sonic movie! Which is why even though a sequel hasn’t officially been confirmed yet, fans of the fastest thing alive are already looking toward the future. And when we look toward the future, we’re already wondering which characters could possibly be in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. We already know that we’re getting Tails in the sequel, but who else?

That’s what this article aims to answer. Because while our imaginations are already spin dashing about who could be in the next movie (Shadow?!), these are the characters that need to be in the next movie.

Super Sonic

Super Sonic

Now this one, I’m almost certain will be in the next movie since it’s already been addressed in interviews, but Super Sonic needs to make an appearance in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. This, of course, means that the chaos emeralds would also have to be in the movie, and I don’t see why they wouldn’t. The chaos emeralds made their first appearance back in 1991 in the original game, so they’re just about as much a part of the Sonic lore as Dr. Robotnik.

And, if the next movie is going to take place in an environment similar to what we’d actually see in the games, which looks to be the case as per the ending of the first movie when Dr. Robotnik was in that mushroom area (fans have already speculated that it's Mushroom Hill Zone). Then the chaos emeralds will likely play a role in the sequel. And if the chaos emeralds are in the movie, then Super Sonic can't be too far behind.


Knuckles the Echidna

We already saw the Knuckles Clan at the beginning of the first movie (they were the group that hunted Sonic for his speed), so I’d be very surprised if we didn’t flat-out see Knuckles, himself, in the sequel. Knuckles first makes his appearance in the game Sonic the Hedgehog 3 as a villain where he actually takes all the chaos emeralds away from Sonic.

Could this be what he does in Sonic the Hedgehog 2? Actually, if you ask me, I doubt it. The Sonic 2 movie will probably mostly focus on Tails since the two-tailed fox was introduced in the second video game. If anything, Knuckles could end up in a post-credit scene for the Sonic 3 movie. But look at me. Already speculating on a third movie when a second Sonic movie hasn’t even been confirmed yet. Can you tell that I love Sonic the Hedgehog?!

Mecha Sonic

Metal Sonic

Quite frankly, I’m pretty shocked that Metal Sonic didn’t appear in the first Sonic movie. Given that Dr. Robotnik had all these drone-like machines and a sick fascination with Sonic, I thought that the plot was going to lead to him creating his own mechanized version of Sonic, but the movie didn’t take that route.

But I’d be even more surprised if the sequel doesn’t include him. Metal Sonic made his first appearance in Sonic CD for the Sega CD. I’m thinking that when Metal Sonic makes an appearance in the movies, it will be a cobbled together version from the resources in the Mushroom Hill Zone. But then, Dr. Robotnik will make an even better, more improved version once he gets back to the real world (because it seems likely the sequel would mostly take place in the real world again since it’s super expensive to make a fully realized fantasy world). Take my word for it. If Metal Sonic isn’t in the sequel, I’ll eat my Sonic hat.

Amy Rose

Amy Rose

This one would make my daughter happy. Like Metal Sonic, Amy Rose made her first appearance in Sonic CD. In that game, Amy was kidnapped by Metal Sonic, and was pretty much just a damsel in distress. In other words, she was just a hedgehog version of Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros.

I definitely hope that Amy doesn’t have a minimized role like that in the movie. The Amy that people know and love today carries around a huge mallet and has a mind of her own. That’s the Amy Rose I would like to see, and it would be great if she wasn’t just a love interest for Sonic. This is 2020. Let’s give Amy Rose a much better role than that.

Big the Cat

Big the Cat

And finally, this is my selfish pick, but could we please get the fish-loving Big the Cat as a cameo in the next Sonic movie? Big the Cat made his first appearance in Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast, and was hated almost immediately since all he did was fishing mini-games. But since that time, Big the Cat has become sort of a fan favorite and looked back upon fondly.

Now, I know there’s no way in hell that Big the Cat would figure into any sort of plot line in the next movie, but if Sonic could just fly by him as Big is fishing by some hole, that would be a welcome addition, and fans of Sonic would go nuts. Please make it happen, Paramount.

And that’s all of the classic characters that need to be in the cinematic sequel. There are tons of other later characters (Again, a gun-toting Shadow would be pretty cool), but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves here. These five classic characters would be enough.

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