Surprise, Dave Bautista's Delayed Movie Is Heading To Streaming Instead Of Theaters

My Spy Dave Bautista cooly walks away from an explosion

As a lot of theatrical features have had their release windows delayed into further debuts than intended throughout 2020, there were bound to be some films that would opt to take the more economic route and head to the world of streaming debuts. Disney recently called their own shot in that respect, as they’re sending Artemis Fowl to their Disney+ service, with a release date to be determined. Now, Dave Bautista’s oft-delayed spy comedy My Spy has found itself falling into the same fate, with Prime Video being the service set to give the film its domestic release.

This news just came from Deadline, who reported that Amazon Studios has acquired My Spy for an unset digital debut through their Prime Video platform. While the film did release in certain territories internationally, the domestic bow was a subject of much mystery, as the original release date had director Peter Segal and Dave Bautista’s collaboration dropping last August, before being kicked around the early 2020 schedule.

As My Spy had finally settled into an April 17th release date, after previously claiming January and March release dates, it looked like STX Entertainment’s take on family friendly spy shenanigans was in the can once and for all. But with the major movie theater chains closed, and many being limited to entertainment options around the home, the film seemed doomed for another shift.

One more release date change may come, as there’s no date specified for when Prime Video will want to drop this film into their queue. Much like the traditional calendar of theatrical release dates, My Spy’s place in the action is going to have to fit into the lineup of content that Amazon’s Prime Video, and every other streamer in the market, already has on the books.

Most recently, Amazon had released their original film Blow The Man Down to their streaming library on Prime. So if they’re hoping for the performance of that film to be boosted by recent events, they’ll probably want to settle on a date to debut My Spy that doesn’t rob an audience from that film, while keeping as many eyes glued to their platform as possible.

While it’s kind of cool that audiences looking forward to seeing My Spy will now be able to do so, thanks to the magic of streaming services, it is kind of unfortunate for those who really did want to see that film in a theatrical setting. Though with one foot in the world of streaming originals and another in theatrical distribution of films like the award-winning Manchester By The Sea or last year’s much talked about film Late Night, it wouldn’t be all that surprising if Amazon Studios decides to put this film into theatrical release, should it be as massive of a hit as they would hope.

My Spy has no release date set for its big Prime Video debut, but as soon as any news breaks, you’ll be able to find it here at CinemaBlend.

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