Johnny Depp Court Case Alleges Amber Heard Body-Shamed The Actor

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard side by side

The details that have come out as part of Johnny Depp’s libel case against the sun have been intense. In the latest report from Depp’s Bahamian estate manager Tara Roberts, it has been alleged Amber Heard body-shamed Johnny Depp as part of an argument.

An unrelenting fight between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp is documented in the report. Tara Roberts said she wasn’t around when the fight began but she heard part of the major fight when it moved into the road and then parking lot of the property. Per Tara Roberts’ comments, Heard blocked his vehicle to “insult him” further. The document notes:

She was insulting him, calling him names and in the middle of this onslaught I heard her say specifically “your career is over” “no one is going to hire you,” “you’re washed up,” “fat,” “you will die a lonely man,” and also screaming things that were incomprehensible.

In a declaration that can be viewed in full online, Tara Roberts said she generally had little to no individual contact with Amber Heard when the couple was still together. However, she did have contact with Johnny Depp in 2015 and said that he told her he “needed to get away from Amber.” She later witnessed the aforementioned fight on the property and she alleges Depp could be heard saying “leave me alone” as Heard reportedly berated him.

Eventually, Amber Heard is alleged to have lunged at her then-partner and the fight got physical on her end, according to the report, from there. Prior to this, audio has been released in which Heard had admitted to “hitting” her ex-husband during a therapy session.

The news comes as part of a case that is hitting the courts after an April of 2018 report from the news outlet The Sun which called Johnny Depp a “wife beater.” Although Amber Heard has made claims of abuse, Depp has now sued for libel.

So far, a slew of people who have known or do know Johnny Depp have spoken out in the actor’s defense as part of not one, but two court cases he is currently embroiled in. His ex Vanessa Paradis recently was also deposed as part of the libel case, claiming he is a “non-violent person.”

Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz, Winona Ryder and others have also spoken out in defense of the actor. Another report from Johnny Depp’s friend Josh Richman claims Amber Heard used red nail polish to pretend she had a bloody nose courtesy of Depp.

A finger injury has been at the center of this court case recently. Depp has claimed he got MRSA twice after Amber Heard messed his finger up when she shattered an alcohol bottle on it. Amber Heard says he injured it smashing a telephone into a wall. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as more details and stories allegedly related to this case continue to break.

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