Netflix Drops First Look At Millie Bobby Brown And Henry Cavill In Enola Holmes

Millie Bobby Brown in Stranger Things

Millie Bobby Brown was catapulted to worldwide fame for her role as the telekinetic Eleven on the Netflix series Stranger Things. In addition to her continuing work on that sci-fi hit and her appearance as Madison Russell in Godzilla: King of the Monsters, now Brown is getting to leave another mark on Netflix with the movie Enola Holmes, and now we finally have our first official looks at the actress playing the title character.

Based on the series of books by Nancy Springer, Enola Holmes points the spotlight the younger sister of famed detective/Arthur Conan Doyle creation Sherlock Holmes, played in this movie by Superman actor Henry Cavill. Rather than be set in the modern day like the Sherlock and Elementary TV shows were, Enola Holmes is sticking to the traditional Sherlock Holmes story time period of the late 19th century, as you can tell from Brown’s attire and the room layout in the below picture.

Millie Bobby Brown in Enola Holmes

(Image credit: Netflix)

Next we have Millie Bobby Brown’s Enola and Henry Cavill’s Sherlock with their their brother, Mycroft, played by Sam Claflin, at a train stop. Is it just me, or do the brothers seems to be looking at their sister disapprovingly?

Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill and Sam Claflin in Enola Holmes

(Image credit: Netflix)

Finally, this picture of Millie Bobby Brown’s Enola indicates that she’s taken up archery, though it’s hard to tell if she hit or missed her intended target. I’m guessing the former… unless for whatever reason she shot her arrow at a person, in which case I’d like to know who it is.

Millie Bobby Brown in Enola Holmes

(Image credit: Netflix)

Along with the previously mentioned actors, Enola Holmes stars Helena Bonham Carter as Eudoria Holmes, the mother of the Holmes siblings, as well as Fiona Shaw, Adeel Akhtar, Frances de la Tour, Louis Partridge, Susie Wokoma and Burn Gorman in undisclosed roles. The movie follows Enola, a gifted super-sleuth in her own right, investigating the disappearance of her mother on her 16th birthday. Heading off to London on her own, Enola uncovers a conspiracy that could alter the course of political history.

Enola Holmes was originally intended for a theatrical release, but due to the current health crisis, Netflix acquired the movie from Legendary Entertainment. There’s only a few months left to go until the movie now drops on the service, but now parties associated with both the Enola Holmes movie and books are facing a lawsuit from the Arthur Conan Doyle estate, and it’s unclear whether that will affect the release.

For now anyway, you can catch Enola Holmes on Netflix this September, and as for the movies are are still slated for the big screen, find out when they arrive with our 2020 release schedule. You can also look forward to Millie Bobby Brown’s return to the MonsterVerse when Godzilla vs. Kong rampages into theaters on May 21, 2021.

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