Stranger Things' Millie Bobbie Brown Learned Her American Accent From An Unexpected TV Show

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Avid Stranger Things fans likely know that Millie Bobbie Brown does not have an American accent in real life. How did Brown perfect her take on the American accent? Well, she had a very unexpected source for inspiration – Hannah Montana. Yes, Disney Channel’s Miley Cyrus-led TV show.

For reference, Millie Bobby Brown was born in Spain but raised in coastal England. Hence, the British accent fans are familiar with from interviews and other TV appearances. You can thank Hannah Montana for why Brown sounds so convincing as the American-accented Eleven. Brown made the surprising disclosure during an appearance on Miley CyrusBright Minded, telling her:

I just have to say, the only way I got my American accent was by watching Hannah Montana. I was obviously, you know, obsessed with it. I was actually just going through my camera roll and I saw a video of me in a cowboy hat and I was learning ‘Hoedown [Throwdown].’ Full on, knew every single dance move. And now, thinking back on how obsessed I was, I wanted your job. Like, I didn’t know how to get your job, but I was like, ‘I want to be Hannah Montana, I don’t know how to do it.’ Then, I realized it was an actual job.

Strange how life works sometimes. Millie Bobby Brown did not end up singing and dancing as a character living a double life. However, she is starring on a television show that has done more than a little okay. Brown is in one of the most popular shows last year, according to Google, not to mention Stranger Things’ status as a fan-favorite among Netflix subscribers.

I would say that things have worked out for Millie Bobby Brown, and it sounds like Miley Cyrus’ show and performance inspired her theatrical interest. Overall, Cyrus seemed happy to have inspired Brown. It was a far cry from the intense take that Cyrus had shared about her on-screen alter ago, years ago.

After Millie Bobby Brown explained how Hannah Montana had informed her American accent, Miley Cyrus expressed surprise that she did not sound more country. How Brown managed to not have a more country American accent is an exciting thing to contemplate.

Of course, Millie Bobby Brown did not mention if it was “Hannah Montana” herself that she used as inspiration rather than the series. One thing is for sure: Eleven does not have a country lilt to her accent.

Eleven did move away from Hawkins with Joyce and her sons. Fans will have to stay tuned to see what happens. If Eleven were to somehow pick up an accent, she would not be the only one to change. David Harbour has teased a different Hopper after coming back to life.

It could be a longer wait than expected for Season 4. Filming on Stranger Things’ next season has been delayed. In the meantime, Millie Bobby Brown is giving fans some fun trivia to contemplate as they await the series’ return. The cast has kept busy since last season. You can add Brown guesting on Miley Cyrus’ Bright Side as another entry in those exploits.

You can watch Millie Bobby Brown in previous seasons of Stranger Things on Netflix, along with lots of 2020 content. A release date for Season 4 has not been formally confirmed by Netflix. While waiting for word, there will be plenty of spring premieres to keep you entertained.

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