Zack Snyder Shared A Superman Scene From The Snyder Cut And It Had Exactly What Fans Wanted

Henry Cavill in Man of Steel (2013)

Since the Snyder Cut was officially confirmed to be a reality, fans have been chomping at the bit to see what Zack Snyder has planned for his feature film. He’s already released one cool clip featuring Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince but now, he’s treated fans to a brief, new piece of footage, and fans of Superman are going to be very excited.

Zack Snyder teased that he would be dropping a new piece of footage during this weekend’s Justice Con and, during his panel, he revealed a brief scene that involving Alfred Pennyworth and Superman. In the brief scene, Alfred was doing work in his garage when he is visited by a resurrected Superman – who just happens to be sporting the black suit!

Alfred is, of course, surprised to see the hero, as he was assumed dead, and Superman warmly greets him by saying, “I’m assuming you’re Alfred.” And the visibly shocked Alfred can only respond with a nervous nod. You can check out the clip for yourself down below:

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Fans of DC Comics no doubt know that following Superman’s resurrection in “The Death of Superman” he briefly returns in a black variation of his iconic suit. With this, many were clamoring to see the costume when Justice League first started production.

We soon learned that Zack Snyder did intend to introduce the suit in his version of the film, but it was ultimately scrapped in Joss Whedon’s theatrical cut. Still, Zack Snyder knows fans have been clamoring for it and has previously released stills of the suit.

While the images were enough to get an idea of the suit, this new footage gives fans a far better look at the costume. During the panel, Snyder explained that the suit was created in post-production, as it’s a color corrected version of the regular suit. And as nice as the suit already looks, Snyder has confirmed that there’s still work to be done on it.

Although this confirms that the circumstances regarding Clark’s resurrection are very different from what we saw in the 2017 film, we’re still left with a number of questions. Will Clark’s body still have been preserved for healing time in Kryptonian technology as it was in the comics? How long has he been healing? And (though this is a longshot), could we see any reference to the Supermen who reign in his place? We’ll just have to wait and see.

One thing we do know is that Zack Snyder isn’t finished sharing footage with fans. During the panel, he also confirmed that he will indeed be showing more at DC FanDome next month. He’s also promised that the footage there will be longer than what was shown today. And you can bet fans are already breaking down this new footage and are already speculating on what’s to come.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is slated to hit HBO Max in 2021.

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