Was Jared Leto Serious When He Said David Fincher Did His Panic Room Cornrows?

Jared Leto in Panic Room

There are a lot of questions that keep me up at night. Like, is Deckard a replicant? Is Cobb from Inception still dreaming? How did Maz Kanata get Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber? Now I guess I have one more to add to the list: did director David Fincher braid Jared Leto’s cornrows in Panic Room? A recent post on social media just went viral claiming that yes, he did. Check it out:

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If your mind just exploded, you might want to Humpty Dumpty yourself back together. Believe it or not, there’s a bit of nuance to all this that makes it misguided and confusing. At first glance, you might buy into it from an interview Jared Leto did for the movie.

In a behind-the-scenes video delving into the making of Panic Room, Jared Leto said plain-faced with very little humor or sarcasm that David Fincher braided his hair. Here’s what the actor said in the clip:

[David Fincher] actually braided my hair. A lot of people don’t know this about David but he spent a big part of his youth in the islands and learned how to braid cornrows.

Again, if you watched Jared Leto talk about David Fincher braiding his hair, it’s almost impressive how matter-of-fact he is about it. You could watch that video and easily walk away thinking David Fincher is a master braider. Of course, that isn’t actually the case; Jared Leto was joking, like his DCEU character is prone to do.

Back in 2013, Jared Leto spoke with Interview Magazine about what he’d been up to at the time, like rocking out in his band 30 Seconds to Mars. When his cornrows in Panic Room were brought up, here’s what Jared Leto had to say about them:

They were really painful initially—I couldn’t sleep the first night, it was so excruciating. And it was all one hundred percent human hair. My hair. But the woman who did [the braiding], named Candy—who has a salon in L.A. called Candy for Hair, appropriately—got it down. What would take some people four to six hours to do, she was doing in an hour. And I actually enjoyed it once I got used to it.

So there you have it, folks, Jared Leto’s cornrows in Panic Room were braided by a woman named Candy, who also sounds like a total pro.

This isn’t the first, or likely the last, time Jared Leto has been the subject of inaccurate rumors. His role as Suicide Squad’s Joker has certainly stirred up plenty of those in the past. In one rumor, Jared Leto supposedly was cut from Suicide Squad because David Ayer didn’t like his performance. This rumor was quickly shot down by the director.

Regardless, now you know David Fincher didn’t actually braid Jared Leto’s hair for Panic Room. Now, if only we could solve that Cobb question, I might get better sleep. For more movie news, be sure to tune in to CinemaBlend.

Jason Ingolfsland