Ryan Reynolds Has Launched Own Streaming Service... Featuring Only One Movie

Ryan Reynolds and Kristin Booth in Foolproof

Streaming services are all the rage these days, from longtime favorites like Netflix and Hulu, to newcomers like Disney+ and HBO Max. Each service has its own special collection of content for subscribers to enjoy, and now actor Ryan Reynolds has jumped into the streaming game with his own platform. However, you should only check it out if you’re a fan of Reynolds’ 2003 movie Foolproof.

You see, kids, last November, Ryan Reynolds purchased an ownership stake in the wireless carrier Mint Mobile. However, just like Apple and Amazon did, Mint Mobile has decided to expand beyond its original horizons and launched Mint Mobile Plus. The layout and logo look suspiciously like a streaming service belonging to a certain Mouse House, and Foolproof is the only movie carried on there.

In case it wasn’t already clear that this is another one of Ryan Reynolds’ trademark jokes/gags, take a look at the below video he shared about Mint Mobile Plus:

So if you’ve been dying to watch Foolproof (seriously, how many of you are there?), you’re in luck, as Mint Mobile Plus is making it available to the masses for free. However, one shouldn’t count on this new streaming service being around for much longer, as indicated by Ryan Reynolds’ follow-up tweet.

Two minutes after launch and our crack data team has already determined Mint Mobile + should probably be shut down by the weekend. We’ll go back to focusing on premium wireless…

Released in 2003 and also starring Kristin Booth, Joris Jarsky, David Hewlett, James Allodi and David Suchet, Foolproof follows a group of friends who come together to theoretically pull off heists, only to be blackmailed by a gangster into carrying out a real multi-million dollar heist. Foolproof came out the same year as fellow Reynolds movies The In-Laws, but needless to say it made nowhere near the kind of splash that many of the actor’s earlier and later movies did.

Along with Mint Mobile, Ryan Reynolds has also shown off his business savvy by acquiring a stake in Aviation America Gin. He’s has helped churn out several humorous ads promoting the distillery, which has also served as another front for Reynolds to continue his “feud” with fellow X-Men franchise actor Hugh Jackman (who is also in the beverage business through his Laughing Man Coffee company).

As for what Ryan Reynolds has coming up on the acting side of things, he’ll appear next in the sci-fi comedy Free Guy, followed by The Croods 2; both movies are slated for December releases. Reynolds will also appear in The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard and Red Notice, and the actor last December he’s working with Marvel Studios to get Deadpool 3 off the ground.

Keep checking back with CinemaBlend for more updates on Ryan Reynolds’ acting, business and practical joke ventures, and don’t forget to browse through our 2020 release schedule to learn what movies are supposed to come out later this year.

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