Looks Like The Batman May Not Have That Much Shooting Left To Do

Robert Pattinson as Batman

With so many film productions in limbo, it's easy to lose track of exactly what's happening with all the different movies. Due to the secrecy that usually surrounds high profile films, we often have a less than clear picture of exactly what's going on with production anyway, and the shutdown has thrown what little we do know out the window. However, we now have a better idea of exactly what's going on with one of the more highly anticipated productions, Robert Pattinson's The Batman. It seems the film was able to get about two months of filming done before the shutdown and has a little less than three more in front of it.

We're set to get an update on The Batman at the forthcoming DC FanDome, including some brand new footage, and The Wrap reports that the film has seven weeks of footage to pull from when it comes to what DC decides to show off. When production gets back to work, it will be getting back in front of the camera for another 11 weeks, so less than half of the movie has been shot, give or take, but assuming the return to filming goes smoothly, it will be over before we know it.

Productions in the UK, where The Batman had been when everything was shut down, have been getting back to work slowly. The rumor has been that The Batman is looking to get back in front of cameras in September, but there's been no official announcement, though there's certainly no guarantee there will be one. It seems likely that Matt Reeves will give fans whatever updates he can at the DC FanDome event.

If we do the math, 11 weeks of filming starting in September will take the production to the end of the year or close to it. That will give the film about nine months to finish post-production before the October release date the film currently has. Originally set for late June the release date had to be pushed back due to the production delay. While films of this size often take close to a year to work on post-production, odds are Batman got an early start by working on the footage that had already been shot, as post-production can frequently be done while one is working from home as a lot of it is computer work.

Of course, The Batman will only be one of several DC projects we'll hear about at DC FanDome. We're set to see more of Winder Woman 1984, The Suicide Squad, and even get some updates on the long in development hell Flash movie. We'll likely also hear about other Batman-related projects, as one of WB's game studios, that has long been rumored to be working on a new Batman game, is also set to give a presentation at the event.

Dirk Libbey
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