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7 Marvel Characters Samara Weaving Would Be Perfect To Play

Samara Weaving in Ready or Not

Call me crazy, but I get the feeling that there is not enough awareness of the fact that Samara Weaving is a total badass. Even after taking down an office building full of rage zombies in Mayhem, facing the traumatic pursuit of her rich, satanic in-laws in Ready or Not, and traveling through time to help her father and “uncle” save reality as we know it in Bill & Ted Face the Music, more often does her resemblance to fellow Aussie Margot Robbie come up in discussion. Perhaps if she took a role in the Marvel movies, more people would notice her versatile talents and differentiate her from the DC movie star.

The only reason that I could see the 28-year-old model, TV star, and accomplished scream queen turn down a spot in the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be in response to her own real-life uncle Hugo Weaving’s reluctance to reprise Red Skull for Avengers: Infinity War. Otherwise, I believe Samara Weaving’s filmography is more than enough proof of her superhero worthiness. While she technically is getting that chance with her casting as Scarlett in the G.I. Joe spin-off Snake Eyes, there is still an astounding amount of characters whom she would be an ideal to play for their MCU debut.

To be frank, I might as well rip out a page from the most updated edition of The Marvel Encyclopedia, staple a photo of Samara Weaving to it, and call it a day, but that would be too easy. Instead, for the purpose of being concise, I have narrowed down my selection to seven characters whom Kevin Feige and co. should definitely keep the actress in consideration for.

Black Cat in the Spider-Man video game for Playstation

Black Cat

Before you criticize the concept of Samara Weaving being relegated to the Marvel rip-off of Catwoman, you should know that there is more to this platinum blonde criminal-turned-crimefighter than her feline-esque costume and romantic interests in the male hero whose self-titled comic she debuted in.

Felicia Hardy actually did make her live-action debut in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, as portrayed by Felicity Jones, but the continuity of that franchise ended before she had to the chance to fight against (or alongside) the webslinger as Black Cat. While it could be argued that Weaving’s youthful appearance could also lend well to an unrequited love subplot between Felicia and Tom Holland’s Peter Parker, fans of Zendaya’s MJ may not appreciate that, so why not just make her an anti-hero in a future sequel or even her own solo outing?

Energy manipulator Firestar


A Marvel heroine that has actually never made an appearance in a live-action adaptation is Firestar who, to clarify, has no relation to extraterrestrial DC character and Teen Titan Starfire, even if their shared ability in energy projection makes that confusion somewhat justifiable. Born Angelica Jones, Firestar is a mutant who has worked with both the Avengers and the X-Men in an effort to use her own radioactive physiology for good, even if mastering and discovering all of her powers has still proved to be a work in progress. I believe that soul-searching characteristic would be something very intriguing to explore in a Marvel movie and a role that Samara Weaving could easily nail.

Gold-skinned Marvel heroine Lifeguard


A characteristic that would most especially come naturally for Samara Weaving would be the nationality of this golden-haired (and skinned) mutant if she were cast. The Australian-born Heather Cameron is an avid surfer and certified lifeguard, which only partially inspired her alias as an X-Men ally since she is also gifted with a sense for life-threatening danger and shapeshifting to automatically adapt to the environment in which someone needs saving. Even an actress who does come from the Land Down Under could not deny how fun that role sounds.

Lady Deadpool is another Merc with a Mouth

Lady Deadpool

Of course, Samara Weaving has mastered the concealment of her Australian accent enough times to prove that she could even portray, for instance, a Canadian. Much of her filmography has also seen her adopt a wicked sense of humor and bold resilience in deadly circumstances (often at the same time, too) which would make her the ultimate candidate to play Wanda Wilson, who is, indeed, the female version of Wade Wilson in the alternate reality known as Earth-3010, in which she masquerades as “Lady Deadpool.”

Since you can pretty much already guess what this blonde, fourth-wall-breaking mercenary is all about given all the evidence I have already provided, I probably do not need to explain much further why putting her in a future movie with Ryan Reynolds’ Merc with a Mouth would be an amazing team-up opportunity.

Ghostly X-Force member Dead Girl

Dead Girl

Another option that would give Samara Weaving the chance to team up with Deadpool could be playing this member of the X-Force who, actually, has a better connection to some of the actress’ more notable credits. An aspiring actress known as Moonbeam was not aware of her mutant abilities until she was murdered by her lover, [which activated her powers](, inspiring her to fight evil beyond the grave as Dead Girl.

If there was one reason why I would rather support Weaving’s casting in a DC adaptation, it would be to see her apply her scream queen status to a one of the publisher’s more horror-based properties, but, fortunately, this character would be a marvelous opportunity to have the best of both worlds.

Dazzler at her sidejob


In addition to acting, modeling, and ass-kicking, Samara Weaving even proved she has some good pipes in Mayhem (of all movies), which are all talents she could combine into a performance as a character who was literally created to double as a fictional superhero and real-life touring musician (who was to be portrayed by a real actress), but that intriguing meta crossover never came to be.

However, Dazzler’s mutant power to convert light into sonic energy kept her alive in the pages of Marvel Comics and in good standing with the X-Men. She now has a fanbase that is interested in seeing her get her own movie, which could actually be a fun way to unite fans of musicals with comic book junkies and give Weaving bragging rights as the face of that revolutionary event.

Invisible Woman from the 1990s Fantastic Four series

Invisible Woman

Speaking of revolutionary events, no union is more anticipated among comic book fans than the official induction of the Fantastic Four into the MCU, which was a made a genuine possibility following the Fox’s merger with Disney in 2019.

There has been incessant buzz ever sine (and even prior) about who should play Marvel’s first superhero family in a new reboot, and, at this point in her career, Samara Weaving is among my top choices for the role of Susan Richards (née Storm), also known as the force field-generating Invisible Woman. Her knack for scene-stealing and being a bright, jovial presence in general would most definitely help her stand out in a male-dominated cast in the otherwise “unseen" role of one of most important female characters in comic book history.

What do you think? Does Samara Weaving’s destiny as a Marvel movie star lie in any of these characters or does she deserve better? Let us know in the comments and be sure to check back for additional information and updates on the speedily rising star, as well as even more hypothetical comic book movie casting calls, here on CinemaBlend.

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