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Looks Like Ana De Armas' No Time To Die Character Is A Martini Drinker Just Like James Bond

Ana de Armas in James Bond's No Time To Die 2020

Slowly over the last several months, we’ve been getting a few more hints about what is coming in the forthcoming 25th James Bond film No Time To Die. Interest had been at an all-time high ahead of the movie’s original release date in April, but as the movie shifted to later in the year, the powers that be have done a good job of keeping us interested through new looks at Rami Malek and Ana de Armas’ characters and more. Case in point: it looks like the newest Bond Girl – err Woman – may be a martini drinker as well.

Ana de Armas is just as ready to get us hyped about No Time To Die as the studio and she recently shared a look at herself and Daniel Craig in a familiar setting: a bar. While the two seem to be scoping something out on the other side of the room, there’s some savvy product placement in the background, along with two martini glasses, indicating de Armas is happy to have what 007 is having.

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We’ve seen a lot of shots of Ana de Armas in that dress as No Time To Die has rolled out promotional material. However, a lot of them are not so placid, as we’ve seen the actress in the dress in Santiago, Chile both kicking people and brandishing multiple guns. The second trailer for Daniel Craig’s last James Bond jaunt is, in fact, particularly heavy on the Ana de Armas footage.

Ana de Armas did recently speak out about how she had to be talked into joining the 007 franchise, playing a Bond girl known as Paloma who was actually built around her personality and skill sets as an actress. She said a few months ago that she was shocked to even be considered, noting,

Bond girls have been portrayed for so many years with a specific type of woman. I associate it with some sort of perfection and beauty standards beyond the normal. Things that I didn’t match, I was shocked when the director called me to say, 'The character is not written yet but we want you to do it.'

Meanwhile, this won’t be the first time Ana de Armas and Daniel Craig have worked together, as the two also starred in Rian Johnson’s 2019 hit Knives Out. More recent headlines related to the Hollywood new(ish)comer have been all about her new(again ish) relationship with Ben Affleck, though it’s worth noting de Armas has a couple of big movies coming up. No Time To Die is set to hit theaters this November, and Ana de Armas also recently worked on Blonde, the upcoming film from Andrew Dominik that has her playing blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe. She totally transformed for that role in a way that should be very different than her character in No Time To Die.

We won’t have that long to wait to learn more. While we’ll have to wait for Blonde to hit Netflix in 2021, we’ll see Ana de Armas opposite Daniel Craig on the big screen on November 20st of this year. Unfortunately, while it should be exciting to see the two verbally spar onscreen once more, it should be a bittersweet moment for James Bond, too, as it will mark the end of an era for his version of the character, an era that has been notable for modernizing its hero, but also its heroines. Particularly the martini-drinking ones.

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