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Spider-Man 3 Fan Art Casts John Cena As Sandman, And Wow

John Cena's poster for F9

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become an entertainment behemoth over the past decade and change of filmmaking. Kevin Feige continues to grow and expand the franchise, adapting more iconic characters in live-action. There are a number of highly anticipated movies coming down the pipeline, including Tom Holland's third Spider-Man movie. Fans are eager for any indication as to which villains will go to battle with Peter Parker, and new fan art imagines John Cena as the iconic Sandman.

John Cena came to be a household name as a professional wrestler, as well as the subject of countless memes. Cena has since become a popular actor, with roles in projects like Trainwreck, the delayed blockbuster F9, and The Suicide Squad. But some fans also want him to join the MCU, specifically playing Sandman in the third Spider-Man movie. Check out what he could look like as the villain below.

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I mean, how cool is that? John Cena seems like a picture perfect version of the comic book character Sandman in the above photo. While there's no indication as to whether or not the character will actually appear in the MCU's third Spider-Man flick, the image is enough to get fan theories going online.

The above image come to us from the social media of artist Jackson Caspersz. They've got a clear interest in comic book properties, often rendering fan castings and theories into stunning reality. And while the general public patiently waits any actual information about projects like Spider-Man 3, Jackson's work helps to activate the fandom's imagination and satiate the appetite for more superhero action.

Sandman is a character that debuted in the Spider-Man comics who dates back to 1963. Usually a foe of Spider-Man's, the villain is made of sand and therefore able to transform and change at his will. John Cena actually looks pretty comic book accurate to the character's appearance on the page, which should delight the hardcore fandom.

The character previously appeared in 2007's Spider-Man 3, to mixed results. The threequel is considered the weakest installment in Sam Raimi's trilogy, including a bizarre dance sequence and some problems with the villains. The movie featured actor Thomas Haden Church as Flint Marko / Sandman, although we'll have to see if/when he makes his way back to the silver screen.

Narratively, Tom Holland's third Spider-Man movie could seemingly go anywhere. The mid-credits scene of Far From Home saw J. Jonah Jameson reveal Peter's identity as the web crawler, so his anonymity is gone. He was also framed for killing Mysterio, so he might also be on the run. Only time will tell, especially regarding which villain will be appearing in the threequel.

John Cena is stepping into the superhero genre in a big way with James Gunn's The Suicide Squad. The virtual DC Fandome event revealed that Cena is playing the character Peacemaker in the highly anticipated DCEU installment, describing him as a "douchey Captain America." It'll be interesting to see if he ever joins the MCU. But given his physicality and experience, he's the perfect person to bring another comic book character to life.

CinemaBlend will keep you updated on all things Spider-Man as details become public. In the meantime, check out our 2020 release list to plan your next movie experience.

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