Jennifer Lopez's Hustlers Follow-Up With Include Maluma And New Music

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Jennifer Lopez put on a performance in Hustlers that many still feel was Oscar-worthy, even if it went without a nomination. Now J-Lo is back and we have the first look, and listen, at her next movie, Marry Me, which will see the singer and actress put both those major skills on display, as in addition to playing the lead opposite Owen Wilson, Lopez has apparently recorded several new songs alongside Maluma, who will also co-star in the movie.

A new tease of both the movie and the music has been released on social media, which gives Marry Me an official release date as well. It's set for, February 12, Valentine's Day weekend 2021. Check out the new clip below.

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The clip really doesn't give us much of the movie beyond confirming its existence. Of course, if what you really want is a taste of new J-Lo music, there's a bit more there. Expect to see at least one or two songs released ahead of the film as part of the promotion.

Jennifer Lopez and Latin Grammy winner Maluma have recorded a collection of new music for Marry Me because in the film the pair will play a musical power couple. The song heard in the clip above, "Marry Me," actually has a role in the new film as the new hit song by the duo, who are on the verge of getting married themselves in what is sure to be the PR event of the year. However, things will change when the couple's relationship is shown to be less than perfect, which will result in Lopez's character Kat, making a connection with a divorced high school math teacher, played by Own Wilson.

While we've certainly seen rom-com pairings where one half of the pair is some sort of celebrity and the other is "normal," what sets Marry Me apart, at least when it comes to the plot itself, is that, rather than simply being a story about whether these two can fall in love, make a relationship work, and then get married, the relationship will begin with an impulsive marriage, and then the two will need to deal with the ramifications of that decision. It's at least an interesting twist.

We usually see at least one strong romantic offering in theaters surrounding Valentine's Day weekend and Marry Me is staking out that claim. It's likely exactly what a lot of people are going to be looking for come February. And February seems far enough away that it would feel like it's a safe bet for a theatrical release. Of course, with a movie like Wonder Woman 1984 that was planning to open in October getting pushed back into December, it's anybody's guess at this point what the theatrical situation is going to be in February.

Marry Me is directed by Kat Coiro and written by John Rogers, Tami Sagher and Harper Dill. It's based on a graphic novel of the same name by Bobby Crosby.

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