Diddy Apologized To A-Rod After Leaving Flirty Comments On Jennifer Lopez's Instagram

Diddy - "Your Love" Music Video/ A-Rod ESPN Interview

Celebrities are not immune to social media drama. Like many people, famous folks have gotten into their fair of of squabbles on the social media forum. They can argue amongst themselves in the comments like anyone else. The difference with these loaded comments, however, is that they often garner media attention. When you're  famous and you slip up and/or say something you probably shouldn't have, you may end up under a spotlight. Most recently, that was the case for Sean Combs.

Back in January, Diddy wandered onto Jennifer Lopez's Instagram and noticed that the actress posted a sultry picture of herself for the #10DayChallenge. The rapper left a flirty response, and that comment was apparently not well-received by Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez, Lopez's fiancé. They had a bit of a tiff, but it should hopefully be settled now. The actress revealed that Diddy apologized for speaking out-of-turn. Here's what JLo said:

He wrote Alex after that. He was like, 'I didn’t mean anything by it. I have nothing but respect for you guys. I’m so happy for you guys.' We were together so many years ago. It’s just like we were kids, you know?

As Jennifer Lopez explained on The Breakfast Club this past Wednesday, Diddy was remorseful about posting a mildly inappropriate response on her Instagram. The comment he made was "OMG" followed by a hearts eye emoji. While Diddy thought the online comment was a bit cheeky but innocent, it clearly got under A-Rod's skin. Lopez went on to talk about the "love, respect and adoration" she and her current partner have for one another, so it seems bygones were bygones after the little tiff.

While Diddy probably didn't mean anything too offensive by the simple comment, it became a big deal for A-Rod. Luckily, the producer and rapper was apologetic for posting a comment that was deemed inappropriate.

Additionally, Jennifer Lopez also addressed a few other points of contention, including the concerning cheating rumors that were spreading a few weeks back, which she denied. The singer claimed it "didn't matter," and brushed off any concerns that her recent engagement to A-Rod was in jeopardy. Evidently, Jennifer Lopez isn't willing to listen to any drama being spun on the Internet and it sounds like she doesn't take the comments made by Diddy all-that-seriously either.

It should be noted Sean Combs and Jennifer Lopez were once an item. It's evident that A-Rod and Lopez are looking to make their love a lasting relationship, and the last thing he needs right now is an ex-boyfriend coming back into the scene and making some potentially lewd comments at Jennifer Lopez's expense. But that wasn't the case. Or, at least, that wasn't intended to be the case, as Diddy soon apologized.

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