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Jessie J Seems To Reveal Reasons For Channing Tatum Relationship Problems On New Album

Channing Tatum and Jessie J split up?

Channing Tatum and Jessie J first hit it off back in 2018, a year in which Jessie J was coming off her fourth studio album and appearing on the reality series Singer. Time has passed and now Jessie J has a sixth studio album coming down the pipeline. What’s going on with her person and Channing Tatum is a whole lot less less clear, but it seems the new album may clear up some of the troubles the relationship faced early on, leading to splitsville.

One of the tracks on Jessie J’s new album is a song called “Simply Be In Love,” a track which The Sun recently obtained the lyrics to ahead of its release this month. The track is about a relationship and seemingly the on-again, off-again one Jessie J has shared with Channing Tatum, which gives some insight into some of the issues they’ve faced.

You're always dreaming about tomorrow, and I'm still overthinking yesterday. Where you go I know I want to follow, let's make a promise on today. Take it slow, baby steps, so we don't ruin what comes next. Just be still, just stay calm, so we're not rushing what we are. Pressure off, just have fun, it's not a race, no need to run. If it's for ever, let's just simply be in love.

Obviously, Jessie J isn’t straight up name-dropping Channing Tatum in the song. It’s always possible she could be talking about an old romance and not the relationship she embarked on with Tatum back in 2018. During an Instagram Live session, though, Jessie J also touched on “Simply Be In Love” and talked a little about wanting to jump full steam into a relationship rather than just see where that relationship meanders. She said:

I wrote this song about when you first meet someone and you want to steam ahead… Sometimes running can ruin a foundation that a relationship needs, which is to just be chill, stay still and enjoy the moment.

In recent weeks, Jessie J has been rocking a lot of solo shots on social media, including some fun posts we can all feel in the middle of the pandemic. Channing Tatum’s been doing much of the same, though he has been productive in quarantine, even writing a children’s book.

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It’s not clear if Jessie J and Channing Tatum are currently together. The couple started dating back in 2018 following Tatum’s split from Jenna Dewan. He and Jessie J then also split a year later. After that, they reconnected, then split again. In the spring they had been spotted together during quarantine, but that was months ago. Perhaps Jessie J’s new album will continue to shed new light on the matter. Meanwhile, Channing Tatum has his directorial debut Dog going into production, not to mention other projects in the pipeline. So, suffice to say, whether there are still feelings there, the two celebrities are certainly going to be busy for a while.

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