Jennifer Garner Admits She Bought A Whole Farm For The Overalls, And I’m Here For It

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Look up “Super Mom” in the dictionary, and Jennifer Garner’s picture is likely hanging out with the fine print. The Alias actress is currently raising her three kids with co-parent Ben Affleck, in between being a successful actress, having Zoom chats with the likes of Anthony Fauci and the Schitt’s Creek cast, and... owning a farm?

Yes, Jennifer Garner is the co-founder of a biodynamic, non-GMO farm, and she apparently rides around on a tractor sometimes in overalls and checks on the fruits of its labor. Check out the actress give us a mini tour:

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Alright, that was adorable. I’m so here for Farmer Jen. Garner took to Instagram to show off her beautiful property Once Upon a Farm, which produces healthy baby food and other snacks for kids. The actress admitted it’s all about the overalls and tractor-driving while taking her fans to the sweet potatoes currently sprouting over in San Diego, California.

Jennifer Garner was excited to share their big crop of the season, which the farm will use to recreate her Grandma Exie Mae’s sweet potato pie recipe, which will be on sale at their store in December. Farmer Jen was giddy on the farm, singing her own version of “Old McDonald Had A Farm” with her own lyrics about the farm’s healthy qualities.

Jennifer Garner apparently spent some of her childhood on a farm in Oklahoma as a kid before co-founding Once Upon a Farm in 2018. It also seems like she takes a hands-on approach to running the farm too! There are no heels there either. She fully embraces farm life with those overalls. It’s so inspiring how much Garner has been able to achieve outside of her personal life and work in Hollywood. Am I surprised she does it all? Nah, it’s Jennifer Garner!

Aside from her beautiful farm, Jennifer Garner has been providing her fans with a number of fun updates throughout quarantine. She’s dressed in period clothing for a virtual class, been sipping wine on laundry day and binging The Office with her family. Garner had three kids with Ben Affleck before their 2015 split. Violet, Seraphina and Samuel are 14, 11 and 8, respectively, with Violet actually starting high school this year.

The 48-year-old actress is also set to star in the AppleTV+ series My Glory Was I Had Such Friends and the musical Fantasy Camp. She quietly split up with her long-term partner CEO John Miller over the summer, and Ben Affleck started getting serious with Knives Out star Ana de Armas this year since they met on the set of Deep Water. But honestly, who needs ‘em, she has her own farm! Look at Garner, planting veggies and taking names.

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