Harry Styles’s James Bond Odds Increase, But Which Rumor Is Closer To The Truth?

Dunkirk Harry Styles threatens someone with a gun

Just when you think you know who’s going to be the next James Bond, the odds for a new contender starts to rise in one particular direction, derailing what some thought was a sure thing. While Dunkirk star and recording artist Harry Styles has always been a candidate that’s flirted with some extreme odds, his chances to become the next 007 just got a lot better. But which supposed sources are telling the truth, in this wilderness of casting rumors?

This latest twist of fate comes from The Daily Mail, who have reported that according to UK betting firm Ladbrokes updated their standings for Styles’ casting as James Bond from odds of 100/1 to 25/1. It’s a pretty steep jump to be sure, and it comes on the heels of sources saying that despite Harry Styles denying he’s even in the running. He’s reportedly told those closest to him that he’s not only had meetings with EON Productions for the role, but he’s one of the final two in the race to become Bond.

Rapidly increasing odds don’t mean anything though, as up until this point the word had been that No Time To Die’s release was supposed to be followed with an announcement that Venom actor and Dunkirk alum Tom Hardy was absolutely the next man to slip on the tuxedo. As previously reported, with his 8/1 odds dropping to a standing of 1/3, Hardy was being tipped as 007’s next big screen incarnation; an occurrence that led to betting being suspended on his candidacy. Which leaves fans and potentially lucrative betters to question just which rumor is more likely to be true?

Well, from the looks of it, both of these James Bond castings feel equally iffy, as in both cases “sources” are the credited origin for Harry Styles and Tom Hardy’s supposedly stellar odds to take the gig. In the case of the Styles casting, there’s an added texture of his denial of such rumors being countered by his supposedly true feelings on the matter being spoken to his friends. But the stories tipping Hardy for potential franchise greatness have the advantage of having claimed to be in the works since the initial release window for No Time To Die; and his refusal to discuss the subject keeps it relevant. No matter how you look at it, there’s still grains of salt on the table, and odds are bound to continue to change in the meantime.

Both men have been in the running for James Bond for some time, at least as far as the betting odds have indicated. As No Time To Die has been pushed twice, both to a November 2020 and now an April 2021 debut date, this particular topic is only going to continue to flare up. All the while, the usual suspects like Idris Elba, Tom Hiddleston, David Beckham, and James Norton will continue to be making headlines. So if you didn’t get your bids in for 00-Hardy, your next hot tip is apparently to start betting on a completely different Styles of Bond.

One thing you can almost certainly bet on is the fact that until Daniel Craig takes his final bow in No Time To Die, the identity of the next James Bond will probably be kept a secret; even if his advice to his successors is already flying around quite frequently. No Time To Die heads to theaters on April 2, 2021, with Tom Hardy hitting the screen again on June 25, 2021 in Venom: Let There Be Carnage. So keep watching those odds, and as always, James Bond will return to CinemaBlend.

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