The Resident Evil Reboot Is Adding A Gotham Star

Gotham Donal Logue sits, arms crossed, on the hood of his car

Playing a cop like Harvey Bullock from the hit TV series Gotham has given actor Donal Logue a lot of experience with playing a compromised police official in a town that feels like it’s located on a hellmouth. But some recent news has proven that Logue’s days of nasty law enforcement aren’t over just yet. Things are about to get pretty damned grim, as the new cinematic reboot of Resident Evil has just cast the veteran character actor in what could be his most chilling role yet.

More specifically, Donal Logue has been cast in the role of Chief Brian Irons, the head of the Raccoon City Police Department. A character known mostly from his role in both the 1998 original and 2019 remake of Capcom’s classic Resident Evil 2, Deadline has reported that Logue has joined the cast that already boasts the likes of Robbie Amell, Kaya Scodelario, and Hannah John Kamen, among others. And this news only bodes well for director Johannes Roberts’ turn at the zombie infested franchise.

If you’re a casual fan of the games, or even just happen to be a dyed in the wool fan of Donal Logue, seeing him in Resident Evil is already a treat. With a resume that also saw him starring in everything from Sneakers to Gotham, as well as not one but two stops in the pre-MCU universe with Blade and the absolutely fun adaptation of Ghost Rider, there’s nothing that Logue hasn’t done on screen. Well, there’s very little that he hasn’t achieved in his cinematic career, and his casting is perfect for unsuspecting audience members. Should you want to go into the new Resident Evil totally surprised, especially if you haven’t played the games, skip to the bottom of this story as we’re about to address the Tyrant in the room.

The absolutely obsessed Resident Evil fans are probably pumping your fists in the air at this point, as Donal Logue has been cast as one of the creepiest, most pitch black villains in the game series. With Chief Brian Irons acting as an absolute villain in Resident Evil 2, his crimes in the world of the shadowy Umbrella Corporation seem to rival even their own slimy deeds. At his best Chief Irons is on the take from Umbrella, and making sure they’ve been covered when it comes to the local law enforcement officials in this backwater yet metropolitan mid-western town. But at his worst, the man maybe a serial killer, operating behind the badge and in some pretty upsetting ways. Hey, without formal investigations, we can only go with our gut; though even that seems to be screaming “Guilty.”

Having Donal Logue as part of the Resident Evil reboot cast brings another awesome talent on board to turn this freshly in production zombie thriller into a compelling watch. With the ability to flex every acting muscle the man has to offer, Logue’s Chief Irons is sure to be another chilling surprise for audiences to indulge in when the hotly awaited reboot releases. At this point an unspecified 2021 date is on the books for Resident Evil, but should that change or become further defined, you can bet that CinemaBlend will break the news as it happens. In the meantime, you can check out the 2021 release schedule to see what’s still listed as being released in the year to come.

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