Aaron Paul Looks Rough In BTS Photo From His Upcoming Sci-Fi Movie

Aaron Paul in El Camino

Breaking Bad fans watched Aaron Paul go through all kinds of various hell over a number of years, his journey as Jesse Pinkman concluding last year with the release of the Netflix movie El Camino – but just because he's done playing a meth dealer from New Mexico doesn't mean that Paul is done experiencing some serious shit as an actor. Take, as a perfect example, this new behind-the-scenes shot that seems to be from the upcoming sci-movie Dual, which has the performer looking, to put it nicely, a bit worse for wear:

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Dual has been shooting in Tampere, Finland since late October, and while we don't know too much about the role that Aaron Paul will be playing in the story, it certainly looks like he is going to be right at the center of the action. Based on the makeup seen here in this Instagram post, it looks either like his character was just involved in a hand-to-hand fight sequence that resulted in a bunch of scrounging around on the ground, or he was standing a bit too close to an explosive device. Either way we're excited to see the events that transpired.

The film is the third feature from writer/director Riley Stearns, who broke out in 2014 with the the odd drama Faults and followed it up last year with the fantastic The Art Of Self-Defense starring Jesse Eisenberg. The film is set in the future, and centers on a young woman (Karen Gillan) who is left devastated following a terminal medical diagnosis. The good news is that thanks to modern technology she can clone herself, meaning that even when she dies her exact replica will remain with her friends and family, but the twist that she doesn't see coming is that she miraculously starts to recover from her illness. She attempts to get her clone decommissioned, but when that effort fails she is ordered by a court to face her duplicate in a duel to the death.

As mentioned, we don't know anything presently about Aaron Paul's role in the plot, but he is joined in the supporting cast by Jesse Eisenberg and Hawaii 5-0 star Beulah Koale.

Dual is being produced by XYZ Films, and while it doesn't look like the film has distribution set up, hopefully it won't take long for a deal to get made, and if that happens it doesn't seem impossible that we could see the movie be released sometime in late 2021.

The movie is currently the only one on Aaron Paul's upcoming slate, but if you're looking for some of his work to watch right now the good news is that there are plenty of options. The aforementioned Breaking Bad and El Camino are both streaming on Netflix, and his follow-up series, The Path, is exclusively on Hulu. If you're looking for something a bit more recent, the third season of Westworld is now available in its entirety on HBO Max, and you can also check out his latest movie, the Michael Uppendahl-directed drama Adam, on Amazon.

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