How Jamie Dornan’s Wife Is Connected To His New Movie Wild Mountain Thyme

Jamie Dornan and Emily Blunt 2020 Wild Mountain Thyme still

Jamie Dornan’s been in the news a bunch recently, thanks to his high-profile new romantic flick Wild Mountain Thyme, which also stars Emily Blunt -- and has a twist ending to boot. However, it’s perhaps not the onscreen romance that is the the most exciting thing about the movie, but the fact that Jamie Dornan’s own wife Amelia Warner is connected to his new flick in a unique way.

You may not know much about Amelia Warner beyond the fact that she’s been married to Jamie Dornan since 2013 and the couple notably have three daughters together. However, she’s a musician and songwriter in her own right and she was actually asked to do the music for Wild Mountain Thyme. After saying “yes,” she was ultimately heavily involved in the soundtrack to her husband’s new movie.

Jamie Dornan has referred to his wife and her musical talent as “wonderful” before and supported her career through his own social media. Regardless, he didn’t actually have anything to do with their Wild Mountain Thyme connection.

How Amelia Warner Landed The Wild Mountain Thyme Gig

The story behind how Amelia Warner and Jamie Dornan both got involved with Wild Mountain Thyme is one big Hollywood coincidence. According to the composer, Dornan had already signed on the dotted line to play Anthony in a movie when she got a call from her agent. A new project had come up that she might potentially be interested in: Wild Mountain Thyme. She recalled in an interview with Moveable Fest:

My agent got in touch with me and said, ‘There’s this movie Wild Mountain Thyme and they’re starting to think about a composer, and what do you know about it?’ And I said, ‘Well, I know about it because my husband’s in it.’ [laughs] He was shooting it, so I knew about it and then I’d read the script and completely fell for it in a really big way. It was just one of those weird things that got under my skin and I could hear the film in my head and I knew how it should sound. I felt really inspired and I wrote some music just from the script and it was quite a long process in the end, but it ended up working out [where] they really liked the music, so then they asked me to write the rest of it.

Amelia Warner says she did speak to director John Patrick Shanley about whether or not tackling the project was a good idea, and once she said yes, he was very supportive and helped her in the process. She also noted that the director was very involved and gave her notes she refers to as "concise" and "esoteric." The gig ultimately gave her a chance to indirectly work with her husband as well, though due to it being 2020 they had to skip the premiere and some of the fun red carpet stuff that might have strengthened their connection to the movie.

Jamie Dornan Credits Amelia Warner For His Career Success

The popular Fifty Shades of Grey actor has a lot of nice things to say about wife Amelia Warner, and not just because she’s the mother of his children. She also was the impetus for him to buckle down and really start moving forward with his acting career. In a 2020 interview with Variety, Jamie Dornan credited Warner for much of his success, saying,

We sat beside each other on the plane. I started really caring by focusing on work and within a year of meeting my wife, I got The Fall and my life changed forever. I started taking it much more seriously, and it’s all down to her.

Who knew just a few years down the road their career paths would actually align for a project? While Jamie Dornan was already filming when Amelia Warner started on her own work for Wild Mountain Thyme, it’s still nice that they’ll have a shared project to remember later on. You can watch Wild Mountain Thyme, also starring Emily Blunt on VOD now.

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