How Olivia Wilde Handled Online Trolls Who Were Harassing Her For Dating Harry Styles

After splitting up with her long time fiancé/fellow actor Jason Sudeikis, writer/director Olivia Wilde has moved on in her life at her own pace. Now partnered with singer/actor Harry Styles, the duo, who have been working together on the thriller Don’t Worry Darling, went public with their relationship; which naturally was bait for the internet trolls to come out and speak their piece. But in a clever response to those who would speak ill of her latest news, Wilde has handled the hordes of nay-sayers by limiting their ability to respond to her social media updates.

Per some reporting done by BuzzFeed, the story of Olivia Wilde and her whirlwind romance has been recounted through several posts from the woman herself. But in addition to those posts, the negative responses directed at this new pairing has also been as extensively documented. Ultimately, this led to the discovery that Wilde’s most recent posts seemed to be limited to responses from people she follows, which is a modern solution for a very modern problem.

With Don’t Worry Darling back into the swing of its production schedule (cameras began rolling last October), it’s a fair move, as Olivia Wilde is hard at work delivering her thrilling follow-up to the critically acclaimed Booksmart. Though, as Wilde is also working with Harry Styles on that same set, limiting those who can offer feedback is a great way to keep the trolls at bay. It’s also a pretty awesome way to enforce some special rules that Olivia Wilde adheres to on the sets of her films; because you can’t chew out the haters if you can’t see them in the first place.

Between real-life circumstances throwing curveballs into the entertainment world at large, and the high profile replacement of Shia LaBeouf as a part of Don’t Worry Darling’s cast, there’s already been enough pivots and surprises to make things even more interesting. But as any good director would, Olivia Wilde has made the right moves at the appropriate times to keep things moving along smoothly. So the only terror we should hear coming from the set of this project is hopefully from the manufactured horror that Wilde, her cast and crew are engaging in for the sake of entertainment.

Though, if someone should happen to stub their toe, that would also be an acceptable scenario, as Don’t Worry Darling is looking to send audiences into a panic, presumably at some point in 2021. As we wait for more news about Don't Worry Darling's progress (including word on a specific release date), don't forget to browse through our 2021 release schedule to learn what movies are supposed to play in theaters later this year.

Mike Reyes
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