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The Shrek Movies Streaming: How To Watch The Mike Myers Comedies

Mike Myers in Shrek

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Once upon a time, Shrek made history as the first recipient of the Best Animated Feature Oscar. I was recently reminded of this by the 2021 Academy Award nominations reveal. This year marks the 20th anniversary of Dreamworks’ hit adaptation of William Steig’s book about an ogre, voiced by Mike Myers, who unexpectedly becomes the hero of his own romantic fairy tale adventure. That being said, I cannot think of a better time than now to make some waffles and watch the Shrek movies on streaming.

Yes, I am talking about watching all four of the films, including the fantasy style rewrite of Meet the Parents that is Shrek 2 in 2004, the titular ogre’s Princess Diaries-esque transition into royalty in 2007’s Shrek the Third, and his reality-warping discovery of why It’s a Wonderful Life in Shrek Forever After (or is it Shrek: The Final Chapter?) from 2010. So just where can we find these modern classics of Brothers Grimm meets Marx Brothers fun available to stream? Come along another streaming journey with us to find out.

Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy, and Mike Myers in Shrek 2

Where Are The Shrek Movies Streaming?

We would, of course, want to start at the very beginning of our tale by streaming 2001’s Shrek on Hulu, which also has a version dubbed in Spanish, before moving onto the second chapter, Shrek 2, in which Mike Myers reprises the title role along with Eddie Murphy as Donkey and Cameron Diaz as Princess Fiona, too. However, none of the sequels have a permanent streaming home at the moment, but are available for a digital rental or purchase (if not on DVD or Blu-ray) on Amazon. Perhaps the streaming options will increase if or when plans for Shrek 5 become reality.

Stream Shrek on Hulu*

Rent Shrek 2 on Amazon. *

Rent Shrek the Third on Amazon*

Rent Shrek Forever After on Amazon.*

Eddie Murphy and Mike Myers in Shrek

Will The Shrek Movies Be On Netflix?

Once upon a time, Shrek was available to stream on Netflix in the United States until its removal in April 2020 - meaning a return could happen one day, but probably not anytime too soon. However, the platform does have plenty to keep a fan of the franchise feeling happily ever after, such as two miniseries spin-offs (Shrek’s Swamp Stories and Dreamworks’ collection of Spooky Stories hosted by the ogre and friends) and a recording of the Tony-winning Broadway musical adaptation, Shrek the Musical, released in 2013. You can also stream the 2011 spin-off movie Puss in Boots and even see the feline assassin originally voiced by Antonio Banderas in his own original series, The Adventures of Puss in Boots and interactive movie, Puss in Book, exclusively on Netflix.

Closing the book on Shrek

If You Have Already Re-Watched The Shrek Movies Recently…

If your love for the Shrek movies has already expanded to its many spin-offs and its stage adaptation, there is plenty of content on CinemaBlend to keep you entertained. We can help keep you caught up on what the Shrek cast is doing now, learn all about the lesser known true story behind how Chris Farley and David Spade inspired the original movie, and we can provide you with all the details we know about Shrek getting its own reboot so far.

Personally, I am not sure how I feel about a fresh take on something that was pretty much a slam dunk when it first came out. However, maybe a Shrek reboot could be a good idea if the original voice actors were to come back, which was part of Despicable Me producer Chris Meledandri’s proposal. Besides, if Pixar can prove greatness can come from an animated sequel, perhaps Dreamworks Animation deserves that chance again.

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