Uncharted: Tom Holland Is Already Getting Praise From The Original Nathan Drake

Nathan Drake smiles in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (2016)

Naughty Dog’s Uncharted franchise has been greatly loved by gamers since it began back in 2007 and, if you’re like me, it was probably bittersweet for you to see the Playstation series end back in 2016. The franchise’s popularity has endured, though, as a live-action movie based on the games is currently in the works at Sony. However, the film is switching things up a bit by featuring a younger version of main protagonist, Nathan Drake, played by Tom Holland. Although some may have their reservations about this change, the Spider-Man actor got nothing but praise from OG Drake actor Nolan North.

Voiceover legend Nolan North lent his vocals to treasure hunter Nathan Drake in five Uncharted games, so it’s safe to say he knows the character quite well. It was only a matter of time before North was asked his thoughts on Tom Holland’s casting in the live-action movie and, based on North’s recent comments on the Good Game Nice Try podcast, he’s pleased with Holland taking on the role:

He's enthusiastic. He's so athletic. He's an amazing dancer. He actually did a lot of, with safety harnesses, he did a lot of the stunts. His physical intelligence is off the chain, the way he moves.

One of the reasons fans love Tom Holland in the role of Peter Parker is that he brings a level of physicality to the role. The nimble, young actor not only has a build perfect for the role, but he can actually perform some of the character’s amazing feats. It’s nice to see that Nolan North also has an appreciation for the actor’s skills. North was able to meet Holland on the Uncharted set last year and reflected on the experience:

They flew me out there, all the way to Spain. I got to visit and see him and the directors. He's a super nice kid. Super guy. Big fan of [Uncharted].

Based on what we’ve heard thus far, Tom Holland put a lot of work into bringing Nathan Drake to life. The actor reportedly took a beating while executing some of the movie’s action sequences. Thankfully for him, he was able to prepare for the physical aspects of the role by training with co-star Mark Wahlberg, who plays fan-favorite character Victor “Sully” Sullivan. In addition to the physical aspects, it seems Holland also nailed Drake’s swagger, which humorously affected his work on Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Uncharted is shaping up to be an entertaining blockbuster for those eager to get back to the theaters, but it’s also sweet to know that it now has Nolan North’s blessing. Hopefully, Tom Holland does indeed turn in an inspired performance and do the Nathan Drake character justice.

Uncharted is currently scheduled to open in theaters on February 18, 2022.

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