Why Without Remorse’s Michael B Jordan Looks Swole In Totally Different Ways For Different Movies

John Clark preparing to take down the enemy in Tom Clancy's Without Remorse

Without Remorse puts Michael B. Jordan back in the lane his fans love – intense, big-budget action. As the reigning Sexiest Man Alive, Jordan is admired as much for his chiseled body as his acting skills. But depending on the physical requirements, the action star likes to switch things up. Jordan broke down why he looks swole in totally diverse ways for different movies.

Michael B. Jordan is quietly becoming Hollywood’s top action star, following in the footsteps of Will Smith and Wesley Snipes. But fans will notice the actor changes his appearance depending on the film’s physicality. Jordan said the following about his training for Without Remorse:

The training process for this was very specific. I usually train changing my body depending on the role that I’m playing. So, me and Corey [Calliet]—who’s my trainer, been my trainer for the last six movies. We don’t want to look the same throughout every movie. So, depending on if I’m a boxer, I’m training like a boxer. If I’m a soldier, if I’m a Navy SEAL, then a lot of the training will be specific to what we were doing: so underwater work that we did with military divers; tactical training, my guy Buck Doyle; weapons training; hand-to-hand combat training. And some stunt you just can’t really train for. Jumping into a burning car, that’s just not thinking about it and just doing it. laughs But it was a lot of fun to kind of train specifically for the stunts that I had to do.

Changing up his training for every action film is a good strategy. Given his penchant for the action genre, Michael B. Jordan as John Clark shouldn’t look the same as Apollo Creed. Having a different appearance in each film only enhances those action sequences and stunts for that film. Unlike some action stars, Jordan is, at least, conscious of varying each character’s physicality.

In his Knockturnal interview, Michael B. Jordan provided some insight about leaning into the action genre. The Hollywood star talked about growing up on action films and wanting to do the same thing as other top action stars. Jordan even name checked some of the 1990s and 2000s top action actors, including Wesley Snipes, Jackie Chan and Tom Cruise. He did mention how doing action flicks, like Without Remorse, and smaller films, such as Just Mercy, create a nice balance.

This isn’t the first time Michael B. Jordan has talked about his training for the Amazon Prime film. While promoting Without Remorse, The actor went into detail about his intense training. He broke down the military-style training he went through to play a retired Navy SEAL. If you want to witness the results of Jordan’s training, Without Remorse is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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