Thor: Love And Thunder Image Reveals Massive Set For An Iconic Marvel Location

A shot of New Asgard as the Hulk and Rocket seeking out Thor

Thor: Love and Thunder's production has been kept under wraps like most Marvel productions. Well, as much as possible anyway. Images from the Thor: Ragnarok sequel have nonetheless been coming out, possibly spoiling some major secrets. But this latest revelation may have given away another secret – this time about the film’s setting. An image from Thor: Love and Thunder revealed the massive set for an iconic Marvel location.

A newly released image from the anticipated Marvel film was obtained by the Daily Mail. The image showcases what looks like a small seaside town with groupings of New England-style buildings lining the main street. The massive set seemed to be under construction, as some buildings are completed while others were unfinished at the time. The array of building sizes and colors hinted at a main street-type downtown, like some New England coastal towns. The seaside aesthetic was accented by carefully placed boats and cobblestone sidewalks.

The location is given away in a key detail within the small town. A building, seemingly patterned after a local tourism office, reveals the location’s name. One side of the small building stated, “Welcome to New Asgard.” But this shouldn’t be too surprising given what we saw in Avengers: Endgame. In one of that movie's final scenes, the location is thriving as Thor leaves Valkyrie in charge before taking off with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Even more references to New Asgard’s New England connection were made throughout the Thor: Love and Thunder photo. Docks and a seawall line the outer edges of the small town with a Viking-style ship located behind the tourism office. A pub and small hotel give the Marvel location the right seaside charm. It seems the Taika Waititi-helmed film is pushing the tone set in that final Avengers: Endgame scene.

But it appears the seaside charm will also require a little CG. As evident by the unfinished nature of the set and blue screen, New Asgard will be recreated with a mix of 3D rendering and physical sets to channel the coziness of being seaside. The image shows just how much effort is going into making New Asgard a reality.

The images aren’t the first time fans have gotten a preview of Thor 4's production. The Guardians of the Galaxy cast members were spotted filming scenes on the sequel. There have been sightings of Matt Damon on the set, as well as rumors of Jeff Goldblum returning as the Grandmaster after being spotted around Australia. The addition of Russel Crowe as Zeus upped the ante for the Thor: Ragnarok sequel, so this new image will get Thor fans even more hyped for the upcoming film.

While the town is clearly under construction, it appears things are taking shape. Marvel fans will get to see New Asgard in its full once Thor: Love and Thunder arrives in theaters on May 6, 2022.

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