How Taylor Swift’s Re-Release Of Wildest Dreams Made Its Way Into Spirit Untamed Trailer

Taylor Swift has decided to re-record her first six albums following the rights to them being sold by Scooter Braun to take back ownership over her own music. The 31-year-old singer dropped a new version of Fearless in spring, and fans are expecting her to get to 1989 next following some clues she has since hinted at. One of those is Taylor’s Version of “Wildest Dreams,” which was used for Dreamworks’ Spirit Untamed trailer.

Ahead of the 1989 single popping up in the upcoming animated film, Taylor Swift previously got Swifties hyped for Fearless by dropping a first listen at her new version of “Love Story” on a Match ad featuring Ryan Reynolds. Fans of the singer have theorized that her inclusion in Spirit Untamed has something to do with her marketing agenda for her next re-release.

When CinemaBlend spoke to Spirit Untamed co-director Elaine Bogan, we asked the filmmaker about what went on behind the scenes leading up to “Wildest Dreams” being the featured song in the movie. Here’s what Bogan said:

I feel like the timing of the release of her song and the release of our trailer was so perfect and we were so honored that Taylor would like to collaborate with us in that way because when we heard the music it just felt like it embodied the perfect tone of voice and emotion and magic that fit our visuals so well and it was a really wonderful addition to that world for us.

It sounds like the inclusion of “Wildest Dreams” was all about the atmosphere the song added to Spirit Untamed through its sound and lyrics. The song, originally written in 2014 for her first completely pop record 1989, was a sweetly romantic tune about hoping to be remembered for one’s best moments, even if a couple doesn’t work out.

In the context of the Dreamworks film, “Wildest Dreams” finds some meaning when it comes to young girl Lucky and the majestic mustang Spirit she meets when moving to the country to live with her estranged father. During our interview with the filmmaker, Elaine Bogan clarified with us about how Taylor’s Version of the song became associated with the film:

I believe we went to her.

What does this mean for Taylor Swift fans hoping for more 1989 clues within Spirit Untamed? For now, it’s still wrapped in secrecy. It can be noted that Dreamworks is an offshoot of Universal and Taylor Swift works with the Universal Music Group record label. Early this year, her 1989 re-release may have become available internally, hence giving the folks cutting the Spirit Untamed trailer together access to “Wildest Dreams.” Dreamworks released a lyric video for the song to go with the movie last month as well:

Either way, “Wildest Dreams” and Spirit Untamed do match well together. The animated movie hits theaters on Friday, June 4. Check out what the reviews say about the film and read up on Swift’s upcoming acting role here on CinemaBlend.

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