Brendan Fraser Is At The Center Of A Heist Gone Wrong In Star-Studded No Sudden Move Trailer

Director Steven Soderbergh knows a thing or two about making star-studded heist movies. After all, he was the director behind the original Oceans trilogy, which famously brought together George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and Julia Roberts among other massive names. He jumped into the genre again just a few years ago with Logan Lucky, which brought Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, and Daniel Craig together back in 2017 – but now he's ready for yet another go-round. His latest, No Sudden Move, is set to arrive on HBO Max in just a few weeks, and as you can see from the trailer above, one hell of an ensemble has been assembled to tell the story.

No Sudden Move reunites Steven Soderbergh with Don Cheadle – who was not only in the Oceans movies, but also the criminal-centric Out Of Sight – and the actor is surrounded in every scene by amazing talent. Featuring a mix of Soderbergh veterans and new faces, the cast includes Benicio Del Toro, David Harbour, Jon Hamm, Amy Seimetz, Brendan Fraser, Kieran Culkin, Noah Jupe, Craig muMs Grant, Julia Fox, Frankie Shaw, Ray Liotta and Bill Duke.

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A period piece, the movie takes place in 1950s Detroit, and begins as a group of criminals are brought together as part of a job to steal a simple document. As you might guess, however, nothing about the situation is simple, and mid-heist the whole situation goes pear-shaped. The small-timers caught up in the scheme decide that they need answers and go hunting for them – ultimately becoming embroiled in big picture happenings in the city. An original film, No Sudden Move is written by Ed Solomon, best known for the Bill & Ted trilogy and Men In Black.

In a way representative of Steven Soderbergh's body of work, No Sudden Move looks like it is going to feature a wide blend of tones, and that's a big part of what makes this trailer so intriguing. There's a good number of funny lines and a fair amount of snark that inspire smiles and laughs in this preview, but it also looks like it is going to be going to some dark places as far as the crime at the center of the action goes. It should make for an exciting cinematic experience.

The best news of all: we don't have to wait all that long for the film to arrive. No Sudden Move will be having its world premiere later this month at the Tribeca Film Festival, but it is already set up as an HBO Max exclusive, and will be arriving just in time for the Independence Day holiday – specifically one July 1. There are admittedly a number of titles being released that weekend that are going to be vying for attention from audiences, including The Tomorrow War with Chris Pratt, the horror sequel The Forever Purge, and the first chapter of Netflix's Fear Street trilogy, but this trailer has most definitely grabbed our attention.

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