Lori Harvey Gives Rare Insight Into Her Relationship With Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan in Black Panther

For many actors and creatives out there, becoming famous is the dream. But fame is also a tricky beast, as it makes one’s personal and romantic life a public affair. Michael B. Jordan and his girlfriend model Lori Harvey know this well, although the couple has been keeping their personal life largely out of the spotlight. And now Harvey has offered rare insight into her relationship with the Black Panther star.

While Michael B. Jordan’s star power has been steadily growing thanks to his acclaimed performances in projects like the Creed franchise, Lori Harvey became a household name largely due to their mysterious relationship. Now the 24 year-old model has explained what makes that partnership work so well for the dynamic duo. In her words,

I think we’re both very private people naturally. So we just decide, if we take a picture or whatever it is, do you want to post this? Do we not? We have a conversation about it, like, ‘You want to post this or we keep this to ourselves?’ We know there are people that love and support us and want to see us. So [we want to] give just enough, but keep the majority of it just for us. We’re trying to find a balance.

Sounds like a healthy way to approach a relationship, especially one that’s as high profile as Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey’s. It seems like the two are trying to keep their relationship largely out of the public eye, and have regular discussions about how much they share. Smart money says that includes Harvey’s most recent interview.

Lori Harvey’s comments come from a conversation she had with Bustle about her life and career. Eventually the conversation turned to her relationship with Michael B. Jordan, which has made a few headlines since they came out as a couple. But this marks a major turning point as Harvey peels back the curtain about her experience dating such a high profile celebrity.

Lori Harvey is a successful model with a whopping 3.7 million followers at the time of writing this story. But she’s still got an air of mystery about her, especially where her relationship with Michael B. Jordan is concerned. As such, the public is no doubt thrilled to get a peak behind the curtain of this power couple.

Later in that same interview, Lori Harvey went on to explain what she looks for in a partner. This is seemingly what attracted her to Michael B. Jordan, and why they seem to be so happy together. As she put it,

I look for someone who is trustworthy and reliable, somebody that could be a good foundation and just stability for me. Somebody that has to be able to get along with my family. I’m so close to my family, so my family is the deciding factor in if you're going to stick around or not. If they don’t love you, our time together will probably be short.

Well, there you have it. It looks like Michael B. Jordan is all of those things, resulting in a great match with Lori Harvey. While only time will tell what’s in the couple’s future, it certainly seems like they’ve got killer communication skills. That and some well-earned privacy.

Michael B. Jordan has a number of movie projects coming down the line, including his directorial debut Creed III. His latest release Without Remorse is currently streaming on Amazon. In the meantime, check out the 2021 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.

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