Alexandra Daddario Is Twinning With Jennifer Lopez In Photo Featuring Ben Affeck, And Her Caption Is A+

The story of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s allegedly blooming romance has captivated the imaginations of fans from all corners. That sort of inspiration can lead to many tributes, shared reactions, and leaked audio of Jennifer Lawrence losing her mind over this potentially joyous occasion. However, Songbird’s Alexandra Daddario may have just taken the crown when it comes to reactions, as she’s made a very important decree though the act of twinning with Ms. Lopez’s latest look.

Not merely content to cheer from the sidelines, Alexandra Daddario paid tribute to the supposed resurrection of Bennifer in a very special photo on Twitter. Copying Jennifer Lopez’s recent outfit that may or may not have contained a flannel from the collection of Ben Affleck, Daddario posed for the shot in what looks like a hotel lobby. But the A+ caption work is the clincher, as fans of Halloween should heed the following message:

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You heard it here first, friends! “Halloween in June” is a thing now, and Alexandra Daddario is now the de facto queen of said holiday. Long have the masses cried out for another Halloween on the calendar, and it’s all thanks to Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s alleged courtship of caution and mystery. Is there anything this sweet reunion can’t do at this point?

With this new relationship rumored to gather steam, thanks to Jennifer Lopez supposedly relocating to Los Angeles at some point this year, the actual Halloween season might be chock full of couples dressing as Lopez and Affleck. Alexandra Daddario’s more modern ensemble is certainly going to be one of the hot prospects for 2021’s most popular costume, and it’s pretty easy to replicate. Though true blue Bennifer fans will want to check their watches, as Affleck himself was recently spotted wearing a throwback to the 2003 era of their relationship. Details like that can win you a costume contest, so don’t overlook the finishing touches.

If this particular reunion story continues to provide the world with camera ready looks like the one that Alexandra Daddario has mimicked, there could be a continued market for Ms. Daddario to copy Jennifer Lopez’s looks. In a world where we can reimagine Paddington Bear in new movies on a daily basis, on top of potentially seeing Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck falling back in love, then anything is truly possible. 2021 really is a wild return to normalcy, and stories like this only serve to prove that point to be true.

Alexandra Daddario fans will want to keep their eyes peeled for her next film, as Die In A Gunfight will be released in theaters and on demand on July 16th. With a title like that, there’s probably going to be even more ideas for winning Halloween costumes scattered throughout. Though if you check out the 2021 release schedule, you’ll see plenty of movies that’ll be coming to a Target costume aisle near you this fall; so you’ve got options.

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