Ben Affleck Showing JLo He's Real With Bennifer Era Fashion Statement

jennifer lopez in hustlers and ben affleck in the way back
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Bennifer 2.0 is the gift that keeps on giving. After more than 15 years since their defunct engagement, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s supposed rekindled relationship invokes a lot of early aughts nostalgia for the “it” moment the two once were. But it seems we’re not the only ones remembering that time as well, considering Affleck’s recent fashion statement that comes across as an ode to the original Bennifer era.

Pics have surfaces of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez hanging out together again, this time in Miami. But it wasn’t just their proximity that caught attention. Fans online did side-by-side comparisons of the recent pics with old Bennifer era pics. They quickly noted that Affleck appears to be wearing the same silver watch he had on while filming the Jenny From The Block music video. Is this his way of trying to say he’s real about JLo? See their evidence here and you be the judge:

The 2002 Jenny From The Block music video is the epitome of the Bennifer era as told through Jennifer Lopez’s perspective. She featured her then real-life boyfriend Ben Affleck on the video as she sang about staying real amidst the toils of rumors, success, and public life. Now it seems Affleck is harkening back to that moment by wearing the same watch again as the rumors and hoopla spiral out of control about their relationship seeing a renewal.

Still, it is very possible that Ben Affleck has worn this same watch before he supposedly got back together with Jennifer Lopez. It might have even been just a coincidence he wore it at the same time he was spotted with JLo. But to fans, it is an ode to their undying love for Bennifer too.

Fans are not the only ones excited about the Ben and Jen relationship. Jennifer Lawrence, ever the fan herself, chimed in with enthusiasm, as well as the couple’s former Jersey Girls director Kevin Smith, who proclaimed to have come up with the “Bennifer” namesake.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were first spotted together only a few weeks after her split from Alex Rodriguez, prompting a bit of a sports team shade duel recently. But now they’ve been seen together across state lines, from Montana to Florida, which seems to indicate that the two are just as serious as the rest of us about making another go at Bennifer.

Despite their busy schedules, the two actors might be able to make all our fan dreams come true. Jennifer Lopez just recently wrapped filming for the controversial Shotgun Wedding, which should be released in mid-2022. Meanwhile, three of Ben Affleck’s films are in post-production. But he will be reprising his role this year as Batman (as well as Michael Keaton) for the upcoming DC film The Flash, starring Ezra Miller.

Bennifer stans, rest easy. We use to have a little, now we have a lot.

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