Alex Rodriguez Responds After Reports Suggest He Reached Out To Madison LeCroy Following JLo Breakup

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Before Jennifer Lopez decided to start hanging out with Ben Affleck once again, and make all Bennifer fans’ dreams come true in the process, the actress was having a rough time with then-fiancé Alex Rodriguez. Before their shocking breakup announcement, there were accusations swirling of A-Rod cheating with Southern Charm star Madison LeCroy in the midst of his plans to wed JLo. More recently, he has been accused of contacting LeCroy again in the wake of Bennifer, but the former MLB player has a response on that score.

When asked about JLo and Ben Affleck a few weeks back, Alex Rodriguez only slyly responded, “Go Yankees.” This time around it seems A-Rod has more words when his integrity is called into question again. Concerning any contact with Madison LeCroy post-JLo breakup, Rodriguez’s representative told US Weekly:

I’m not sure who’s looking to benefit from these types of rumors and false stories. They are factually incorrect. Alex is busy concentrating on his businesses and his family.

Reportedly, Madison LeCroy ignored Alex Rodriguez’s attempt to reach out to her. The Bravo star neither confirmed nor denied the new contact, and she only told Page Six, “As I mentioned before, I wish him well and happy to put this in my past.”

The new rumors concerning Alex Rodriguez and Madison LeCroy did sound a tad preposterous. Contacting LeCroy again would only seek to confirm the initial claims of cheating between them, which Rodriguez has consistently denied. The only benefit A-Rod could have garnered from the situation was showing off that he doesn’t care about the hoopla surrounding Bennifer.

The original cheating allegations between Alex Rodriguez and Madison LeCroy first surfaced on Southern Charm’s Season 7 reunion special. Co-star Craig Conover accused LeCroy of sleeping around with an "ex-MLB player," but Rodriguez’s name was bleeped out of the airing. It would later be confirmed by LeCroy herself that she did have communication with A-Rod, though they supposedly never met up or ever saw each other in person.

The drama continued to unravel, as the allegations appeared to drive a wedge between Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez. (Some reports indicated that separation due to work and COVID-19 restrictions were the real reason for the split.) Still, the two supposedly broke up and then got back together, with A-Rod even flying to the set of JLo’s latest film Shotgun Wedding in the Dominican Republic. Rodriguez and Lopez’s reconciliation wasn’t to be for long, however.

A few weeks after their official breakup, JLo has been spotted a few times with former fiancé Ben Affleck, to the joy of Bennifer fans and their own friends alike. JLo and Ben Affleck may also be enjoying their blast from the past, but it’s clear from Alex Rodriguez’s statement that he’d rather bury his past and move on.

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