Pierce Brosnan Finds Being Asked Who Should Take Over As James Bond ‘Wearisome,' Answers The Question Anyway

Pierce Brosnan in a tuxedo with a sly smile in Die Another Day.

As any of the actors who have ever been even remotely in the running for the role of James Bond will tell you, the subject of potentially becoming the next Bond can crop up quite a lot. If you’re an actor like Pierce Brosnan who’s already landed the role, what’s even more exhausting would be constantly being asked who should land the famous gig next. Recently calling that very task “wearisome,” the former 007 still took the time to answer the question anyway, proving how good of a sport Mr. Brosnan truly is.

While speaking with People to promote his latest film False Positive, Pierce Brosnan opened up about weighing in on the James Bond field. As he’s already been succeeded by Daniel Craig (who is himself wrapping his own tenure with this fall’s No Time To Die), it’s a subject that’s come up a time or five before. In terms of this current round of 007 casting, Brosnan has highlighted two actors familiar with the speculation game that he thinks would make for great James Bonds:

Idris Elba comes to mind. Idris is such a powerful presence and such a great former voice tensity. He would be magnificent. There's Tom Hardy out there as well. Tom can really chew the furniture up, just be a ball boy – both men can.

At one point or another, both Idris Elba and Tom Hardy have been heavily buzzed about as potential 007 candidates. Most recently, we saw Elba sort of putting his chances to rest, while Hardy’s fortunes have both risen and fallen on a wave of betting activity. With no concrete winner expected until after No Time To Die officially wraps its press campaign, this marks one more time for both of their names to see further spikes in betting odds.

Though the actor and activist seems game to talk out his feelings on the matter, he does admit that the constant chatter in interviews can be a bit much. Approaching the matter as not only a former face of 007 but also a fan, Brosnan clarified his position on discussing the future of Bond as follows:

Sometimes it becomes wearisome. You have to get over that and celebrate it as a member of the audience and as a man who has kind of walked that walk and played that part. Bond will live on here.

Just when you think you're out, the Bond fandom reels you back in, apparently. As Daniel Craig has already started laying down his post-Bond advice for whomever takes over after his departure, he may want to get comfortable with discussing the 007 legacy for quite some time to come. I'm sure the same sort of questions will be his future as well.

Pierce Brosnan can currently be seen in the Hulu original False Positive, which is currently streaming. Meanwhile, Daniel Craig’s big 007 swan song, No Time To Die, is set to hit theaters in the UK on September 30th, and in the US on October 8th. After which point, James Bond will return; but as whom, we don’t quite know.

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