LOLZ At Chris Pratt Thinking He’s Tim 'The Tool Man' Taylor After Helping Katherine Schwarzenegger With Home Improvement

Chris Pratt is a man of many pastimes. At the very least we know he’s great at describing snacks and killing time on movie sets. He’s apparently interested in golf, though that seems to be more of a love/hate relationship. Apparently, when he’s at home, he even occasionally engages in home improvement projects. His wife Katherine Schwarzenegger recently even caught him pretending he was Tim Allen’s Tim ‘The Tool Man’ Taylor’ while he got his hands a little dirty. Take a look.

I mean, I guess I can see Chris Pratt as a handy guy, particularly now that I’ve seen him covered in wall dust and prepping a wall to (presumably) hang something for his lovely wife of two years. I mention this because their anniversary was actually last month (June 8). It’s a little late, but I will just note fixing stuff around the house could make a pretty thoughtful gift for an anniversary. I bet he’s pretty happy after all his hard work that now this Instagram Stories image is rolling around the Internet, too.

Getting back to the Home Improvement reference, it's surprisingly a timely one. While the show aired in the '90s, Tim Allen's other series Last Man Standing just ended its lengthy run during Season 9 and even featured an episode where Mike Baxter met Tim Taylor. At the time, the showrunner said they wanted to leave the possibility open for more from the character, you know, in case a Tim ‘The Tool Man’ Taylor project came down the pipeline sometime soon. That’s an epic tease that 100% hasn’t panned out yet, but Home Improvement still has a pretty large fanbase after all these years.

Now that I can’t unsee this, I sort of feel like maybe a Home Improvement reboot should be in the cards. Or at the very least, maybe Pratt and Tim Allen need to team up for something down the line. Just me?

To note, Chris Pratt was formerly a TV actor, having gotten a notable start on Parks and Rec before getting fit for the big screen. While Pratt is busy with big screen ventures, he's not opposed to TV and has been hard at work on Amazon's The Terminal List. Plus, I am a little obsessed both with a revival and with a world where Pratt and Tim Allen could appear in the same project together. They do both have that Pixar connection, with Allen being the longtime voice of Buzz Lightyear (though he was recently replaced by Chris Evans for an upcoming project) and Pratt starring in Onward last year.

With The Tomorrow War out on Amazon Prime, Chris Pratt’s had a pretty active weekend on social media, even thanking the fans for making the movie #1. However, if he does more stuff around the house to impress his famous wife, we’ll be sure to keep you updated. And who knows, perhaps we’ll see another Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 update crop up soon?

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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